Software market on the rise in Africa

Posted on September 4, 2015 12:00 am

Africa’s computer hardware market has dropped by 4.8 per cent, though the software and service side of things is still growing.A compilation of data for the ministries of Information and Communication Technology in more than 12 countries has indicated that cloud computing and big data are the key drivers of Sub Saharan Africa’s computer service market thanks to growing digital literacy across the continent, which has been forecast to grow by 19 per cent by the end of this year. In the computer service market, data centre management services have reported the highest growth, with infrastructure as a service showing a 39 per cent increase, co-location service showing a 22 per cent rise and disaster recovery centres showing a 31 per cent growth. In data your blogger obtained, Software Industry Agencies in at least six countries reveals that the packaged software and software service markets were forecast to grow by 26 per cent together, while separately, packaged software should rise 14 per cent and software service market by 23 per cent. The key driving forces for the software market are mobiles, e-commerce and cloud computing as well as Internet of Things and wearable devices.

In this era of smartphones, Africa software firms should set their sights on mobiles as the key to business. Potential growth areas are digital presence, sales analytics, customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning. African countries digital economy policies are also the key factor for the growth of software and computer service. However, Africa’s computer hardware market has been suffering, dropping last year a trends that has continued so far this year. The slump in the market is blamed on the economic slowdown, political uncertainties, and housing debt, which is stopping consumers from spending on Information and Technology related products. The private sector and government offices remain the key spenders.Personal computer market this year is expected to drop 3.1 per cent while the notebook market is suffering the most significant drop of 6.5 per cent, followed by desktop computers, which dropped 5.9 per cent. The tablet PC market, however, is expected to grow 13.2 per cent this year. The other hardware markets that are falling are the monitor, printer and scanner markets. The scanner market is suffering the most, dropping 44.3 per cent. The monitor market is expected to drop 2.6 per cent, while the printer market is expected to drop 0.9 per cent.However, the external hard disk market this year has been forecast to rise 28 per cent, while the projector market should also grow 4.2 per cent.

Contador Harrison