Social media strategy fitting professional career

Posted on May 28, 2014 08:07 pm

Seeking job in this 21st century may have gone online and mobile for the foreseeable future. The two are transforming the job search process, enabling more and more people to connect with potential employers, promote their skills, set up support groups and search for job leads and contacts. In Africa, Mobile technology has shifted the whole job search paradigm. With mobile devices playing a bigger role in the online job search phenomenon, any job hopeful with a smartphone can now compose resumes, view job listings and contact prospective employers on the go. With the extensive use of the Internet, most of those who are looking for jobs now consider social media sites as a priority in their job search strategy.  They believe that being engaged in social media increases their chances of getting a job.  Although using social media will make the job seeker’s presence publicly exposed, when used properly, social media can be an advantage.  There are any number of job-search applications that are downloadable for and available for the Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows phones. With jobs scarcity, many hopefuls are getting creative about getting noticed. Compared to five years ago, many people using Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Facebook among others to get the word out. A career is unlikely to be launched on Linkedin alone, but candidates are increasingly posting messages to outline their skills, experiences and career goals.

People are also using social media platforms to follow recruiters or companies of interest and learn of networking events. Job seekers have gotten job leads and tips on networking events that they otherwise would have missed, had it not been for their social media accounts. What I have found myself is that its much easier finding job and networking events online compared to the old fashioned newspapers and magazines. Last month, I noticed that more than 70% of my connections on Linkedin I have met them more than once. There are various online support groups that are tipping off job seekers to where physical networking events are taking place. While candidates these days are taking advantage of easily accessible job information, one of the downsides is managing the data. Contador Harrison advice is that when someone is job hunting, they need to be careful. I know a lot of people who have been hurt by fake resume firms. People tend to think if its online, its legitimate which is not normally the case. Almost all employers do online search on potential candidates. Your online professional profile should be accurate and up to date. Ensure quality profile image, put your qualifications and accomplishments and make a list of past work experiences and avoid unnecessary information. Simply make sure your profile is unquestionable.

Contador Harrison