Social media role in African companies business

Posted on September 6, 2014 12:53 am

Its official social networks connect more than 50% of the African business, with more than 10% of today’s most digitally savvy people located in the sub saharan Africa region. Social media is the new word-of-mouth and companies need to realise the necessity of bringing their communications where customers are.There is hope in Africa to see more businesses reaping the benefits of embracing social media. With the pervasiveness of social media, it is important businesses across Africa utilise the opportunity to build and nurture customer relationships by listening to, and engaging with customers in meaningful ways.Social media is all about relationship marketing, so that is where businesses need to focus. While most individuals have no problems implementing social media in their personal lives, it is more challenging doing the same for a business.Monitoring conversations across various platforms, identifying key conversations and extracting insights is extremely laborious

As I noted in a post sometimes back, enough resources have to be allocated to maintain a constant presence, and to continually develop interesting and relevant content. All of these can be demanding especially when social media is not a priority for most businesses. In order to become a social business smart business fundamentals demands readiness in adapting content for any platform. Businesses need to start with listening.Businesses also need to agree on a governance model to contain unbridled proliferation of sites harmful to the brand, as well as to identify problems and areas for improvement. Employees should be qualified to speak on behalf of their brand and even governments are benefitting from social media.Once there is a core social media strategy in place and employees should be ready to act as social media representatives and then apply a measurement system to gather insight. Ensure all employees are comfortable using social media to correctly represent and be the face of the brand.

Contador Harrison