Social media integration in business has an impact

Posted on June 17, 2013 11:38 am

From small micro enterprises to multinational firms, social media integration has ben a great source for targeted marketing and there is no doubt that digital marketing in the social media space has become mainstream culture. Even governments across the world are joining more established organizations in an effort to have followers on Twitter and “likes” on Facebook pages. PR firms and Marketing departments are spending enormous time trying to capture great customer insight on a real-time basis. However, numerous studies have shown that success in social media has not necessarily impacted on bottom line of businesses.When I sought an experts view from a PR guru working with a multi national PR and advertising agency in London, she informed me that the main challenge of capitalizing on social media platforms largely depend on the fundamental mechanism of how business operates. According to her, businesses nowadays have a highly sophisticated functions and processes across the entire value chain.

In simpler terms, this means data companies capture from social media, in terms of customer, market, supplier, and partner insight, or recruiting pools are able to navigate through finance, marketing, sales and analysis chain. To effectively incorporate social media into their business practices, companies can only integrate social media capability approach. This could be done by using an integrated platform for their solution and eliminating huge amount of data from the social media space. My advice to businesses would be to have integrated platform and data from social monitoring shared with the customer relationship management and business analytics systems. I also believe that real time social monitoring data on customer sentiment and marketing awareness can be integrated with the customer relationship management system for campaign management. A well-integrated social media platform, studies have shown it enhances marketing campaign effectiveness and also vastly improve brand building across the enterprise that translates on sales and the bottom line of the business. Integrating social capabilities ensures that customers’ wouldn’t need to change business functions in sales and marketing and that would make a direct and positive impact on marketing the business.

Contador Harrison