Smartphones sales overtakes radio and Television sets in Africa

Posted on March 19, 2014 09:32 pm

A new study conducted by an American research company has revealed that the average person in sub Saharan Africa would rather now spend more of their cash on a mobile devices or Tablets than spend it buying radio, music players or the TV according to data in my possession. According to the research, Africans spend minimum five hours per day on their smartphone compared to average two hours watching television, three to four hours per day on their computers. The figures are similar across different regions, with East Africans spending a daily average of 200 minutes on their smartphones. In comparison, 90 minutes are spent watching television and 134 minutes on a laptop. Mobile screen culture is something African businesses is taking advantage of smartphone’s popularity when it comes to platforms such as Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

Those businesses not using social media they are losing out on a lot of potential attention and screen time from consumers that African smartphone users potentially offers. In Kenya, Uganda and South Africa most radio and television programs are being driven and popularized by tweeting and Facebook. Statistics points to a lot of cross platform stuff happening where African business are leveraging social media and their traditional broadcast methods as a way of engaging people. The reality is that micro businesses will not have access to large television audiences compared to their corporate counterparts but mobile phone offers many ways they can interact with their market. African businesses are aiming transitioning to mobile friendly websites that have enabled customers to use their phone instead of desktop computer to access their sites.  Otherwise companies risk losing customers to a more mobile friendly competitor.

Contador Harrison