Smartphones have modernized human lifestyles

Posted on September 17, 2013 07:51 am

Previously, cell phones were used for simple communication and I vividly recall how in 1990s my mom’s phone could only send Short Message Service and make calls. However, I became a phone owner when the technology had developed and could listen to music, take photographs especially on the last Formula one race held in Adelaide around 2002. I was able to save those pictures and browsing the Internet. A week after iPhone 5S was announced cell phones are no longer verbal communications devices only. The cell phone industry has evolved from focusing solely on ordinary communications instruments of 1990s to unrivaled convergence that has combined various kinds of technology in a device. In their most modest forms, the latest models of mobile phones have a camera with a larger number of mega pixels. Gadgets like iPods that can store hundreds of thousands of MP3 songs and has what I can say is better play back quality video than traditional music and video players. Despite the fact that various technological features are not what customers need, their presence has become more and more popular with users.

Research has shown that mobile phone consumers tend to appreciate the presence of this technological convergence. This has forced phone manufacturers to come up with broad features and platform. This reality can be found in prominent phone brands, like iPhone, HTC, Nokia, Sony, Motorola, Samsung and Lenovo to mention but a few. The presence of sophisticated mobile phones are a necessity in terms of the latest development of information communication technology, and consumers will continue to be attracted by various devices that indicate a lifestyle transformation as iPhone 5S announced last week indicate. Undeniably, smartphones are no longer stand alone devices of the 1990s and are nowadays defined in terms of their sophistication with their convergence capacity. Capacity and Versatility are a must for a mobile phone for it to be considered as a smart-phone category. When I talk of versatility I mean the various functions a smartphone has while the capacity is reference to storage capacity. Competition in smartphone market has become quite fierce and South Korea’s manufacturer Samsung is the market leader at the moment. The era of the mobile phone being a device through which to speak and send text messages is over and my mother just like others who owned mobile phones in 1980s and 1990s will have to adapt to the latest technology that define a smartphone.

Compared to the obsolete cell phones of the bygone era, smartphones have tens of functionalities like mobile money transfer, small notes, multi-media messages, ringtone and wallpaper download, video conferencing, bank balance check, transactions, news service, Internet connectivity, email services, pre installed social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, camera that dwarfs old generation cameras among many others. The availability of advanced features and rapid development in technology, time when we can’t differentiate a smartphone and computer is here with us. Smartphone’s capabilities and convergence has put together multiple technological capacities together like no other computing device has ever done. Future smartphones are predicted to strengthen the convergence of various features of information communication technology and will become a better assistant with a very large scope with unlimited benefits. A mobile lifestyle requires flexibility and smartphone is a device offering that with various functions. It has no doubt become the convergence device that has enabled the user to use it for all needs and that has made mobile lifestyle to be applied effectively without the consumer bothering to have more than one device.

Contador Harrison