Smartphone spying

Posted on August 7, 2013 08:44 pm

It’s official that US president will not attend a specially arranged bilateral meeting between him and his Russian counterpart that was scheduled to take place before the head of states G20 meeting. In my thinking, the land of Stalin move to grant asylum to NSA intelligence information leaker could be the cause of cancellation. I belong to the school of thought that unless one is guilty, there is no need to care if someone somewhere finds out that Contador Harrison is dating, building a dog kennel or he’s just bought a brand new Bentley. This thing called privacy does not and will never exist and that include whatever we share whether in text, audio, visual, images, among other platforms. Intelligence community has helped me and you live a safe and secure life and helped avert disasters caused by heinous criminals like terrorists, cyber criminals, pedophiles, rapists, pornographic dealers that need to be separated from clean and hardworking population. In this age and era, where we use all manners of gadgets, only the smartest people in the society called security agents can save us.

Since the advent of mobile phones, the intelligence community has evolved faster than technology as the book Gideon spies revealed.The secret service agents no longer bother with the traditional mandate of spying on targets classified as threats to state security. In Gordon Thomas words, surveillance globally has moved to levels where no data is left untouched by gigantic machines installed in the most secretive locations and deepest communication networks. Unless your naïve, the myth that exist among the unexposed that anonymity, privacy and data ownership online exist is an illusion. Without secret services snooping on our chats, phones, video calls, emails and our activities in the social media networks, this world will be very unsafe and crooks would take over and something called orderly society will ceases to exist. For those who mind about the thing called privacy, keep dreaming that nobody knows what you do. While at the university, I learnt that to intercept traffic flowing in and out of a country, devices are planted on undersea cables that carry Internet traffic from one region to another. I recall one professor telling us that without communication interception, no country can claim to be safe and secure. Intercepting traffic flow, the secret service agencies get help from Internet service providers and telecom operators through sharing of user data.

As a person, I dislike the facts that spy operations have no accountability. The truth is that some rogue state operatives in any given country can take advantage of their positions and harass even the most innocent people in the society. Almost all countries have amendment their laws, hence allowing the government to snoop on us extensively. I would want to reiterate that unless your guilty, these operatives are not harmful. Mind your own business and be a law abiding citizen and never in your life will they haul you to courts or jails.  For secret service agencies, people with smartphones data can be extracted as and when desired. This is because the recent proliferation of smartphones has made it a cakewalk for agencies to spy on us since they carry all our usage activity. Our smartphones multitude of sensors can track the tiniest physical movement and can listen to and see environment within us. Whether you delete or not, smartphones contain history of files shared, social media networks ever visited, emails exchanges, as well mobile transactions made like mobile money transfer, banking transactions to mention but a few. Take it or leave it, your phone is your spy and not the state agencies.

Contador Harrison