Smart generalists are what makes a tech company appealing

Posted on August 27, 2014 11:32 pm

To succeed in technology business today, a company need to be flexible and have good planning and organisational skills. In Tech industry where i’ve been involed, valuing talent, intelligence, group spirit, diversity, creativity, idealism are some of the key foundations to success. Being in as many markets as possible and focusing on issues of both scale and localisation makes tech firms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp valuation incredibly high. A professor friend of mine working at University of Melbourne in Australia told me few days ago that many people start a business thinking that they’ll turn on their computers and start making money.However, with time they find that making money in a business is much more difficult than they thought. His advise was that successful technology businesses avoid this in their business ventures by taking their time and planning out all the necessary steps you need to reach to achieve success.To him, that what differentiates the Silicon Valley and rest of the world.When in 2007 we toured San Francisco together in a fact finding mission, I recall vividly how tech start ups were offering free meals, colorful creative spaces and ping-pong tables certainly make staff life fun and comfortable. Apart from that, tech companies compared to other sectors have over the years built a culture where any staff can ask anything to senior managers.That rarely happens say in financial world. In companies where staff are empowered to make decisions means the best for the company both in immediate and long runs.

Compared to manufacturing sectors like Car industry, most of the benefits and perks in technology companies are designed to foster collaboration. There are plenty of camps both indoor and outdoor and long tables so that employees across the company come together. Working at technology company means tackling the hardest problems in information technology and developing innovative products that make a positive difference in tens of millions of lives every day. For example, Somocon Oy, the Finnish company I work with offers me opportunities to take on responsibility and to take an idea from start to finish. Being in the tech industry since my teenage has given me plenty of opportunities to test the limits of my intellectual abilities, skills that have helped me thrive in small, focused teams and high-energy environments. In addition to that, Contador Harrison has believes in the ability of technology to change the world, and is as passionate about his life as he is about his work.Technology sector is an environment that attracts and retains the brightest talent and combines it with unparalleled resources in order to develop great things for users while allowing employees to work on a wide array of projects.  Most companies in United States, Finland, Australia and UK have a culture that allows for creativity no matter what department one work for.Tech companies that believe that they are never too old to learn a new skill makes them stand out from the rest.Same case applies to Contador Harrison whether it’s a new programming language, or learning the latest skills in Chess.

Contador Harrison