Slow Internet speed can be irritating but usage limitation is disgusting

Posted on June 7, 2013 11:32 pm

Just after listening to one of my favorite song of all time by Nirvana called Smells like a teen spirit, I decided to unpack my Macbook Air at local coffee joint where there is Wi-Fi access and enjoy top quality cappuccino as I surf. My intention was to check my mails and visit a few sites to update my medulla oblongata on what’s cooking around the world. Being used to access faster Internet at workplace the coffee joint access was largely disappointing. The chronically slow Internet speed was a nightmare and left me annoyed, as it was slower than a snail. My frustrations seem to result from lockdown of systems at the coffee shop and this might explain why many people prefer carrying that stick called USB Modem than use the so called hotspots.

The restaurant restriction on browsing and having to seek authorization to download or watch programs did not go down well with me. Why on earth would someone regulate people in public place what to, and what not to access online? There is need to correlate technology freedom at public places with customer satisfaction and retention being a priority. Access to the preferred websites or downloading any content is a way of incorporating considerations of all customers. Coffee drinkers pay and help keep such premises in business and there is need for such owners to offer flexible Internet usage policies instead of deliberately slowing down the speed which affects the customers appetite to pay a visit. Without access to high speed Internet and usage limitations, many like me will be dissatisfied.

Contador Harrison