Shapewear makes ladies look chic

Posted on June 22, 2016 12:00 am

I was reading a local newspaper the other day and came across an advert “Feel confident with amazing range of shapewear and control wear designed to smooth your curves without sacrificing comfort” which left me thinking. Lately, I have become curious about how certain garments override the body of the ladies wearing them. In a world where male species is rare, it really matters for the ladies what kind of torso and upper-thigh situation they’ve got, when they put on a pair of shapewear. All those i have seen are literally reshaped into a streamlined fleshly hourglass that makes them head turners. This past week I saw one with cowboy boots and shoulder pads demonstrating defiance in her shape.Undoubtedly defined by her shape, that they completely recast the contours of the wearer, morphing their corporeality into a structured, unchanging line.The beau looked spectacular and eye catching.The newspaper ad struck me how it has become fashionable for certain garments compelling ladies to reshape their actual selves to fit the image or the idea of them. The new trend has reversed the demand that clothing fit is what matters and now it is human beings who must fit the clothes. Think of bikinis…Reading a number of fashion articles recently, it’s been difficult not to notice the subtext running through the advice given to prospective customers.

Those ladies over 40 years are most affected as they must disguise figure flaws if they don’t have the ideal body shape what someone told me all eyes will be on her and she must look like a “teenage girl.”Not only is this perfecting necessary for women to fully inhabit their appointed role as a fashionistas, in other words,themselves and also improve the apex of the so called ‘romance narrative.’Imagine a bride who must dress to impress?The solution is shapewear and nothing else…. wedding day is the best day of her life and she has to be the best version of herself whether she likes it or not. For a bride to show that she is worthy of being a wife she has to make her female friends and relatives jealous and demonstrate her ability to ace her role in this ritual as a member of society. Becoming the best self in the context of the new trends in fashion basically means dressing in a way that reshapes your body into a flattering silhouette. I know of a story where the bride was said to be overweight and was encouraged to change her wedding planning dates and get into exercise which was targeted at the additional benefit of losing weight which never happened for her.I don’t attend weddings so I can’t tell whether she ever managed fit in her wedding gown or wedding gown had to fit in her. What I know is that they wanted her dressed into the image of bridal perfection. She had to make choices that will allow her to realise such image, so as not to be embarrassed on the big day.

After all, as one bloke so helpfully reminded me few weeks ago, wedding photographs are forever.Luckily for me, I will never ever have them…. The other kind of garment that women feel compelled to dress into are bikinis. Hardly can I walk in the hood without seeing a skirtie wearing bikinis.The challenge is that few know how to inhabit bikinis the way that they should, to me, they must have flat stomachs and hips that are either boyishly slim or that glide in an uninterrupted curve from waist to non-touching thighs. But its common to see voluptuous skirties exhibiting their excess flesh in wearing one which makes them look like……… In my view, bikinis, brief as they are, disguise nothing and so to wear them properly skirties have to achieve a bikini body, in which they literally reshape their fleshly selves to dress into the required image. If they can’t appear this way, they will fail to properly inhabit the bikini in a way that is socially acceptable.The advert I saw was a message conveyed to bodies of the models and how to personally uphold policing o themselves.I know a couple of skirties who go on diets and use fake tan to achieve the lithe, brown body they’re are expected to have and smirk at other women on the streets or at the beach who have dared to flaunt themselves without upholding the unholy trinity of globally acceptable female beauty which is basically to to be young, thin and beautiful. But when a 40 year old woman disguises parts of her body that she’s ashamed of, seeing the fault as inherent to her rather than a flaw in her way of seeing herself is saddening.But that is what such ads are supposed to achieve. The question that is still lingering on my mind is whether shapewear is about getting a bikini body or putting a bikini

Contador Harrison