Sex on Google Street View in South Australia

Posted on April 11, 2013 09:22 am

Google Street View has busted an Australian couple having a fling on the side of the road in broad daylight. The image depicts the couple balancing on the hood of their BMW, hamming it up for the camera as the Google Street View car drove by. The couple has shot to fame on social media today after an image of them having sex by the side of a rural highway made it onto Google Street View, sparking speculation it was a stunt. The image, which has since been censored by Google, shows the couple bent over the hood of a silver sedan alongside the Dukes Highway outside the town of Keith in South Australia state.

The image released by Google on two couples caught having sex on the road
The image released by Google on two couples caught having sex on the road

The photos released online shows the man has his shorts down while the woman appears to be waving to the Street View car as it passes. The images were first posted on the social media site Reddit. However, I have a feeling the whole thing was probably posed. The question in my mind now is if it was just a stunt or was the Reddit user who found the image of the couple having sex on the boot of their car and posted it privacy invader? Whether they were doing the good or bad thing, as Contador Harrison I’ll never know but it seemed to be a fairly short episode, as the two lovers can be seen moving towards the left side of the vehicle as the car drives away.

Contador Harrison