Sex, hypocrisy and Christian leaders in Africa

Posted on November 22, 2015 12:00 am

If we can learn a lesson from the bible, then we will know that christianity is very beautiful – that’s according to hypocritical church leaders leading charismatic churches that are full of thugs, sex rats and most evil minded folks. The same frauds says that getting married is not only to satisfy our lust or to have sexual relations but to create a good community with justice for all because men and women are equal, the only difference is their duty to the most high. In my opinion polygamy as an emergency exit or facilities is a conditional choice for a man. Man can choose what is better for himself but you must be just. The way to be at peace and free from the anxieties of unjust behavior is to have only one wife according to moralists of this world going by the name of christian leaders, have children. Day and night, I feel uncomfortable since there is one thing I always think which is fairness.The ratio of women to men is 4 to 1 in most of the African countries and why should the men in those countries experiment with polygamy since we are dealing as humans?Never knew how emotional such a topic can be until i engaged a religious leader of a baptist church recently.Contador Harrison was described a demon that needs urgent repentance.Well, who is he to guide me about my morals …..he is a former convicted rapist himself and is a perfect example of how fraudsters and women have taken over the pulpits to take advantage of the gullible.My parents didn’t pay school fees for nothing….am well informed. Women whether married or not, are people who were created as equals by God. They should not objects for any kind of exploitation. Treating women as sexual subjects and objects is a way to tame women through religion economics and status bargaining.

Even if we refer to christianity in earlier times, the faithfuls did practice polygamy.So why should the current crop of christian leaders be opposed to ideal polygamous life?In history, it was clear that many faithfuls decided to live unmarried for their entire lives.Some stated that they would not marry so he could focus on learning, teaching and writing books. To deal with societal affairs is more critical than being busy with sexual desire or indulging in a profuse personal life.Therefore, it is questionable when contemporary Christian leaders and clerics demand that women be treated exclusively in terms of gender and polygamy. I say go to hell you bloody moralists!Do the christian politicians, for example, really think about their constituents’ prosperity?Am sure you and me know plenty of so called church leaders enjoying several years of popularity as a preachers who have successfully broadened their business and that including polygamous life where they’ve one official wife and tens of women as their sexual partners. Soon, most members of their congregation especially women, do withdraw from any activities related to such preachers. The gullible remains behind and vehemently support such criminals operating in the pulpit. One preacher whom I cannot name for fear of reprisal has seen his popularity decreased as well as his business.His undoing is failure of instead accepting the public’s opinion on sexuality, he has persistently defended his choice to have one wife and several concubines all who are church members.

Thanks to social media, his exposing has awakened even the buffoons who are now leaving his church en-masse. While only 1% of men live a monogamous life, many men preachers could cope with their sexual desires, their business-minded preaching employing all of their religious guns to ensure things proceeded according to their wishes and no one would care.Some even blame the mass media for their troubles. Sexual inequality is based on the belief of the biological inferiority of woman which is something as a person I despise like nothing else.The whole system is based on the assumption that woman is a powerful and dangerous being.Trust me, thats why we have so many male chauvinists in today’s societies. All sexual institutions whether is polygamy, repudiation and sexual segregation can be perceived as a strategy for constraining a woman’s power and this is the century of women who need to be empowered not suppressed.For Christian leaders to treat women as sexual subjects and objects is a way to tame women through religion economics and status bargaining. The supporters of monogamy, insist that women are not fully humans that they are not equal to men.I also believe that even women should have more than one partner just like men are….what’s the problem with that?Am a firm believer that man deserves to marry more than one woman and a woman has the right to have more than one man at the same time.I do hope that christian leaders will focus more on what the people need instead of continuously treating women and sex as their main business. Let’s pray to oracles that they will soon follow the path exemplified by their predecessors who invented the religion they are preaching about.Dedication to and thorough comprehension of their religion, without hypocrisy is what will make change.

Contador Harrison