Senator Sam Dastyari should resign

Posted on November 29, 2017 12:50 am

Sam Dastyari warning a wealthy Chinese businessman his phone most likely being bugged means he should relinquish his post and face prosecution. In fact, i agree with Julie Bishop calls for his resignation and Malcolm Turnbull questioning of the Labor party’s embattled senator’s loyalties.Australians view politicians and parliamentary politics as one and the same, selfishness. In Australian culture of deference, the conflation of politics, democracy and politicians like Dastyari is viewed as a source of greed and incompetence. It should also be of significant concern that this Dastyari case should serve as a lesson where such foreign meetings and decision-making are more transparent and politicians more accountable for their actions and words. Dastyari has definitely failed those politicians who have become the key agents of change in a moral agenda aimed at cleaning up the political leadership in the country.Bishop called for Dastyari’s ousting saying the release of this audio tape is further evidence his dishonesty and that his position is untenable. ‘It is time for his lies and his cover-ups to stop,’ Bishop said. ‘Senator Dastyari must reconsider his position as a senator,’ Ms Bishop said. As a first step Opposition Leader Bill Shorten had to remove Senator Dastyari from Labor’s frontbench again, she added. “Here he is, an Australian senator who has gone to a meeting with a foreign national with close links to a foreign government and advises that foreign national Mr Huang to put their phones inside to avoid the possibility of surveillance,” Turnbull said. “Why is he giving counter-surveillance advice to Mr Huang? Why is he doing that?””Whose side is Sam on? Not Australia’s it would seem,” Turnbull said, describing it a very serious issue of national security.Lets call a spade a spade, this bloke has betrayed Australia and disgustingly undermined the work of security agencies who go an extra mile to protect Australians in and outside the country. It is encouraging to hear that Bill Shorten has contacted ASIO to check if Dastyari is a security threat, but of cause he is because how can he contradict his own party on such an important foreign policy?

Whether China takes over the whole of Asia or not, isn’t the point but the moral standing of this bloke. Shorten said his colleague had confirmed he did not pass on any classified information because he did not have access to any. Shorten made it clear to Dastyari it was not the first time his judgment had been called into question.’But I certainly expect it to be the last.’ Majority of Australians think their politicians are corrupt and are too aligned with big interests that is, business or foreign countries and this case of Dastyari will only aggravate the perception. The recording shows Dastyari’s standing next to a wealthy Chinese businessman and ALP donor, Senator Dastyari backed the Chinese Government’s refusal to abide by international court rulings on the South China Sea, stating that: “The Chinese integrity of its borders is a matter for China”. Senator Dastyari’s remarks, delivered during the federal election campaign, flatly contradicted those made by fellow Labor senator and Defence spokesman Stephen Conroy.Dastyari need to know that practicing his senatorial duties with utmost integrity makes him loyal to his country that feeds his belly, called Australia. As a public servant, doing his prescribed duties and responsibilities with utmost integrity should be his way of showing loyalty to Australia. But the buffoonery of siding with a foreign country in such a delicate matter, means he’s not.No wonder Attorney-General George Brandis has been quoted as saying Senator Dastyari has many questions to answer about the relationship with the Chinese donor.  “He’s a serial offender when it comes to placing himself evidently under the influence of the Chinese Government.” Let me remind Dastyari that loyalty per se is not generic and whether you are born in Australia or overseas, allegiance should be strictly for your country. Let’s face it, there are many lawbreakers in Australian political elite, and it is a sting that gives loyalty a blemished definition but undermining security agencies work is unacceptable.No one in public domain knowns for certain whether he passed on classified information about an ASIO operation or not. In fact, he is a classic example why Australians don’t trust elected officials anymore.Public trust, confidence and satisfaction with democratically elected leaders like Dastyari have continues to drop to record lows as most people have become disenfranchised by their conducts.

Contador Harrison