Secure your data by integrating threat and data protection capabilities

Posted on May 14, 2014 02:33 pm

An expert business management once told me that it’s common for most businesses and organizations to have their own set of challenges when it comes to handling both confidential and critical information. Transacting in an advanced technological age, reliable systems for the management of data are essential and critical for business survival. Increased unstandardized technologies and services that protect users against threats on new and emerging platforms and devices is more of a problem than a solution. The growing diversity of operating systems and in response to the profound changes impacting IT and security, enterprises can expect their expenditure on security to increase. Traditional network security systems, which addressed computing power data storage as guarded walled garden are fast being replaced moving from physical to virtual by the cloud. Virtualization is the foundation of cloud infrastructure and virtualization-aware security is critical to maximize data protection and performance. A survey has showed that 15% of enterprises have installed server virtualization technologies, as a result of rapid growth in cloud demand in the East African region alone. The cloud delivers applications via the Internet which can be accessed from web browsers, desktop and mobile apps and for those unaware data and software are stored on servers at a remote location.

Although demand has not significantly increased in the sub Saharan Africa market, by 2017, more than 55% of enterprises in the region will move to the cloud. The weakening of the developed world markets also means that emerging markets, including East African region, represent strong candidates for the move to more sophisticated data storage technology. In about three years from now, the demand for cloud in sub Saharan Africa will grow aggressively. More than half growth of cloud computing in the African markets are driven by government institutions according to a survey released three weeks ago followed by telecommunication companies and the banking industry. They are most commonly aware about the importance of cloud and its security and hence the adoption of new technologies. Security is an important issue in the adoption of technology. To enable it, there is need for security systems that protect cloud computing from risks concerning data protection in the cloud, especially as more enterprises look to adopt the technology. Improved security models being used in developed countries puts the spotlight on data by integrating threat and data protection capabilities within a unified framework, ensuring visibility into who is accessing what data, when, where and how.

Contador Harrison