Scientists plan to make Cybersecurity impenetrable

Posted on June 20, 2013 09:21 am

Australia’s scientists are working on Quantum mechanics for purpose of being applied to computing in order to develop the most powerful and impenetrable cyber security method ever derived. According to a close friend involved with the project, the team behind the new technology has been tasked with creating an impenetrable network for the Australian government. My long time friend is among the pioneer scientists in Sydney called Quantum Cryptography. In my knowledge about cryptography, I know it involves three main parties that entail a sender, the recipient and the eavesdropper or the hacker. Unless you live in bunkers, you must be aware that hackers nowadays are able to intercept communications without the sender and recipient knowing. In this new development, a scientist who happens to a former schoolmate informed me that quantum cryptography will have the capacity to prevent access by detecting hackers and destroying and altering messages as hackers try to obtain them.

According to him, an individual attempting to eavesdrop the connection and then tap the data would destroy the data on immediately. The assembled scientists have so far shown that they can write and read quantum information in the magnetic orientation of the nucleus. The developments in Sydney are crucial for government which has had sustained cyber attacks with hackers pilfering data for foreign governments and corporations. There is no doubt that hacking is thriving across official, corporate and criminal worlds and is being used to break into government and private networks and stealing of trade secrets. The Scientists initiative will definitely help public and private corporations in Australia in cyber security because they are suffering from industrial espionage and sophisticated operations involving complex tiers of agents who hire hackers.

Contador Harrison