Run This City Cindy Sanyu

Posted on July 3, 2017 12:01 am

If you think the 10 best Ugandan female singers are just known in their native country or the greater East African region, think again. Perhaps many outside of East Africa may not know them but watch out, Ugandan female artists are unstoppable as they are rising into fame. One of them is Cinderella Sanyu, a talented and experienced singer who recently released a song Run This City, a track i learned about through a Ugandan friend. It’s amazing how she has had her unique story that actually made her have fans and supporters outside of Uganda. Popularly known as Cindy, the Ugandan singer is a former member of defunct all-female group Blu3, that was extremely popular in Uganda and across East Africa in the noughties. Cindy is a talented singer and few would argue about that. As a singer, if you don’t believe in yourself, no one will but Cindy believes in herself and thats why she’s a success story compared to the other two members of Blu3 Jackie Chandiru and Lillian Mbabazi. Her singing ring true, she sound confident in her song Run This City and sings with the best voice possible. Sanyu’s confident sound contains a rich, ringing, and well projected tone. She is full of confidence and isn’t worried about how she sound, an affirmations and visualization to connect with her inner power.I do not know Cindy personally but from her music its clear she creates whatever it is that she need or want. Then, she affirms her creation by repeating it over and over again as was the case with ‘Jam it again’ in the song Run This City. Visualize herself singing in a place filled with people in the video makes the song even better. Listening to the beauty and richness of her singing tone, so confident, grateful, and eager to share the precious messages contained in the song more about booty, makes it an incredible track.In the song Run This City, Cindy visualizes the moment down to the last detail from she is wearing in the video and how she feel.Remember, it is the decisions Cindy make when she has no time to make them that define who she truly is.Her singing technique has set Cindy’s free in the song.

Believing in herself is one of the first steps to Cindy’s success. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, it will be difficult to succeed in Ugandan music’s highly competitive environment. Run This City isn’t the only big track to come from Uganda this year but it has caught my attention for couple of reasons. One is that Sanyu sings the song while opens her mouth to sing with a more powerful and confident voice.She has created enough space for the sound to come out. At times, when I listen to the audio, I can almost imagine that i’m virtually seeing the back of her throat in the song. Cindy has given her singing a big boost by keeping the mouth well open as she sing and in the song one can hear a more powerful sound.In the Luganda lyrics section of the song, her diaphragmatic breathing was essential to the better sounding singing voice in the song especially when she begin phonation.Singing engages internal energy systems and utilizes all the senses. Every sound that Cindy sung awakens a feeling, and as we know, each feeling triggers a memory or a thought. Each thought then triggers an action and thats what makes the song Run This City sound cool.Singing is one of the more effective ways to heal and can effect personal change in our lives and i believe party goers who have listened to the song will keep wanting more and more of it.Cindy’s song Run This City is simple and it’s good enough for anyone else to hear and enjoy. Her singing is not only a release of energy, but a transformation of energy in herself as well. The body, the emotions, and thoughts are all one in her video. Cindy Sanyu’s singing in the Run This City, I can only describe it as a holistic in nature. It supports wholeness that is vibrant in Uganda’s urban music culture. Her singing in the song brings back into light all my memories about Uganda, one of the most beautiful countries in Africa if not in the World as seen below.

Contador Harrison