Roxy Jacenko is flourishing

Posted on January 28, 2018 12:39 am

Roxy Jacenko’s public life is next to none, just ask any of her 209,000 plus Instagram followers. Sweaty Betty PR is undoubtedly one of Australia’s finest fashion, beauty and lifestyle public relations agency that she founded in 2004 is scaling the heights its competitors can only dream.The enormous growth of Australian media industry combined with the high level of trust from Australian public to mass media has inevitably fueled the growth of PR industry.Most PR agencies are emerging quite rapidly but none comes close to what Roxy Jacenko is achieving. Interestingly, very few Australian firms focuses on the industry issues like fashion PR, beauty PR but rather practice areas like digital, branding, corporate social responsibility among others.The structure of PR industry in Australia is definitely perfect competition. No single PR firm or agency is proven to dominate the market. Each big player dominates specific vertical and for Sweaty Betty PR, fashion, beauty and lifestyle seems to be their fortress. The competition is there, but compared to the advertising industry, PR is much less fierce.Sweaty Betty PR is tapping into the fastest growing public relations market segments like fashion and the firm provides a combination of digitally led integrated communications services and strategic communication consulting services to help companies in Australia.As a PR practitioner, Roxy Jacenko foresaw that Australian companies value PR services although they differ in amount.

Roxy Jacenko from one of her Instagram pictures

Apart from the growing number of players, this may be caused by the level of obscurity in understanding the real value of PR. Strategic communication has to some extent failed to convey its meaning for many audience, gap which Sweaty Betty PR seems to address remarkably well.€œThe business prospect of communication consulting services is growing in Australia. The approach Roxy Jacenko offers with that Sweaty Betty help companies win the market in fashion and beauty. Someone familiar with Roxy Jacenko’s agency told your blogger a couple of days ago that her agency has been profitable since the start of its operations and has continued to develop.This shows promise for the development of communication consultant firms as many Australian companies have the potential and willingness to set foot in non core PR markets like beauty. Sweaty Betty advocate firms to build their reputations and strengthen their brand management, public relations, public affairs, online reputation management as well as policy advocacy services for fashion and lifestyle companies. When she was recently reported to have arrived at work with jewelry worth more than $400,000, few would have been surprised for a woman who for more than 14 years has seen her agency handle close to a 100 clients, a fantastic achievement.In the mix, add her recently acquired bright yellow 570S McLaren Spyder, worth Aus $435,750 and you get a clear picture of her success.Not every day we talk about successful female entrepreneurs in Australia but for Roxy Jacenko, she has earned and deserves the publicity she gets.

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