Roxy Jacenko has taken PR to new heights

Posted on June 19, 2017 12:01 am

Roxy Jacenko, a woman who can barely be out of headlines for a week, has taken public relations to unprecedented levels. I’m one of those who admires her acumen in business and undoubtedly her business success is worth admiration. Public relations is a vital component of any brand’s marketing strategy. Through consistent, deliberate, and strategic storytelling, it builds a brand’s awareness and credibility, as well as strengthens relationships. That is what Roxy Jacenko seems to have mastered, for example she knowingly  shared a screen grab of her Spotify playlist which had Mya’s song Case Of The Ex which many view as an indication with her imprisoned husband Oliver Curtis who will be released Friday this week from Cooma Correctional Centre.A friend working with a brand that uses her Sweaty Betty PR company told that they use Jacenko’s firm as a one-stop marketing strategy to fix whatever challenges they have and always get splashed in the press which eventually leads to revenue growth. She told your blogger that Jacenko has mastered the art of addressing the gap between expectations and reality that benefit Sweaty Betty PR firm and client relationship.In an attempt to strengthen this relationship, Jacenko has added plenty of transparency to the conversation about how her PR firm and brands can best work together which isn’t the case with other PR firms, especially older ones. When I analysed Jacenko’s firm client they have communication campaigns that are unique and brands have a well-defined image, story and values and definitely they’ve been helped to think about and capture what they stand for.Like many things in life, there isn’t one PR campaign template that applies to every company and different clients in Jacenko’s firm have varying campaigns.Looking at Sweaty Betty work, it is all about brand communications with authenticity messaging tailored to unique brand and audience.

In my view, Roxy Jacenko has a dream of revolutionising the public relations industry in Australia. As the managing director at Sweaty Betty, Jacenko looks like someone who want to exceed expectations and continue to build her reputation as one of the leading figures in communications and there is no sign of looking back.This is despite the fact that less than a month after her hubby Oliver Curtis was jailed, Jacenko was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent surgery for removal of the lump ten months ago. Jacenko is a woman who has managed to create jobs and develop her employees through training and she’s been making an impact in people’s lives and this is what she wanted to do. She seem to be a woman who has found her passion. It’s in her blood and it’s been there since the very beginning of Sweaty Betty.She has learned pour her aspirations into her business and is able to prevent her marital challenges from affecting her business. I have a sense that Jacenko is building the quality of life for people around her. Me think public life is the love of her life and passion. The PR industry itself in Australia right now is very old but the likes of Jacenko have made it more vibrant.Advertising is still the dominant tool being used in marketing but Jacenko is one of those who are gradually demonstrating that public relations firms with new ideas can flourish in cut throat competition that is Australian market. Jacenko’s rise to prominence has seen more marketers being aware of the importance of public relations and understand how to use PR to achieve their objectives and build their image through Sweaty Betty, a firm that provides a combination of digitally led integrated communications services and strategic communication consulting services to help local and multinational companies in Australia. Jacenko seems to knows very well that business prospect of communication consulting services is growing in Australia and the approach Sweaty Betty offers, help companies win the market and thats why her firm is an extension of Sweaty Beaty clients in terms of strategy and working together like true partners. With regular collaboration and insight, both are doing justice to their business by yielding the best results.In this business, PR firms and clients need to align upfront about objectives, communicating and collaborating, and it is exactly what Jacenko is doing.

Contador Harrison