Roxy Jacenko has a right to kissing

Posted on May 2, 2017 12:00 am

The reports that Roxy Jacenko was spotted kissing her old boyfriend Nabil Gazal created fuss that i simply can’t understand. Since when did it become a must for people to seek opinion or permission to kiss whom they want, how they wish and where? All those accusing her of infidelity should get a life. Its none of your business whether she’s seeing her ex or not. Jacenko is a lady i admire because as the founder of Sweaty Betty Public Relations company, she’s navigated through a terrain of networks to build a business worthy of admiration. Although still married to her husband Oliver Curtis, the latest noises are worse than when Jacenko and Gazal were seen having coffee and dinner together last year. They are two consenting adults of sound mind and those pointing fingers at Jacenko can go hang themselves. These are people who dated before Jacenko met Curtis. The images posted online on Saturday night where the two were photographed kissing in Sydney during a dinner party with mates is a private affair that shouldn’t be attached to her moral character. It’s a common perception when it comes to highly successful in marriages or relationships that only women cheat. Yes, ladies do too cheat like men who are specialists and some of the reasons why women cheat aren’t what others want us to believe could be the reason Jacenko was seen kissing Gazal.When it comes to infidelity, usually, all fingers are pointed at women. Unless you are underage reading this article, you know very well men and women tend to think about their infidelity in very different ways and have very distinct reasons for doing the dirty. Women are much more likely to be interested at some sort of emotional connection and that could be the reason Jacenko was kissing Gazal.

Less than two months since Roxy Jacenko declared she's not single on The Morning Show people still can't give her a break!
Less than two months since Roxy Jacenko declared she’s not single on The Morning Show people still can’t give her a break!

On the other hand, women like Jacenko always like kissing when they feel wanted romantically and sexually boosts feelings of worthiness, desirability and feeling needed. Their expectations of their significant other are out of whack with reality and perhaps for Jacenko case, Gazal is a partner culpable to her every need and want all of the time. Let those accusing her to think before doing so because when expectation are not met, women always seek external satisfaction and Jacenko isn’t an exception, she stood by Curtis side during all of his court appearances and contained herself when guilty verdict was delivered. Since Curtis was jailed for insider trading, the predictability and safety of their long-term relationship has numbed the neurochemical peak they experienced when they met seven years ago and whats wrong with Jacenko going to look for excitement elsewhere, more importantly with Gazal, a man she knows in and out?Also, critics can see a lack of emotional connection, a lack of sex on Jacenko side (not sure no fling though, my bad), Curtis the official partner is not be around enough to satisfy her physical and emotional needs.Another theory could be Jacenko want out of her marriage with Curtis, the father of her two children and might cheat to see if there’s something better out there with Gazal and line up Gazal as the new bloke in charge before she end her current marriage with Curtis whom I can’t forget how he bragged about their 2012 lavish ceremony. Who knows, out of anger, Jacenko might be seeking what sexologists call extracurricular sex and in such cases, women don’t usually try to hide it and what a better way than kissing Gazal in public perhaps as way to escape unwanted feelings. Jacenko has over 160,000 Instagram followers and in era of social media, there’s no single evidence that kissing leads to infidelity. All those noisemakers should ask Jacenko her side of the story before accusing her, she and Gazal could have been talking about feelings and Jacenko being honest with Gazal about what’s really going on in her life.

Contador Harrison