Rohan Arnold arrest isn’t a surprise

Posted on January 17, 2018 12:21 am

Businessman Rohan Arnold arrest in a Belgrade hotel is classic example why folks say drugs follow money. It is hard to understand how greed for wealth can cause such a person to trade in drugs.He is not your average businessman,Rohan Arnold is a well known figure in steel and livestock industries and even was a racer in the Sydney to Hobart that your blogger covered.Now few weeks after his success in the yacht race, Rohan Arnold has found himself in a Serbian jail cell suspected of having ties to an international drug syndicate that tried to smuggle more than a tonne of cocaine into Sydney.The consuming shift to cocaine in Australia coincides with an era that has supposedly seen greatly increased living conditions, a combination with the growth of mass consumerism, rising lower-middle class sectors and the growing problem of crack cocaine which seems to have attracted Rohan Arnold into the business.I was not surprised when i saw the Serbian police footage of the arrests that took place overnight showing the police running through the hotel’s doors and pointing their guns at several men sitting in the lobby. After that officers are seen pinning the men to the ground before they handcuffed them.Rohan Arnold is definitely a beneficiary of a nation suffering the gang violence, political corruption and murder rates associated with cocaine, while the consumer, especially young Australians have abuse problems especially within marginalized groups like the immigrant communities and aboriginals. In some ways, to your blogger, Rohan Arnold is like drug colonialist who deserves to be in jail. The footage also showed a bag filled with foreign currency.Serbian police said the arrests had been made in cooperation with Australian police and were arrested with a large amounts of various currencies, including euros, Australian, Chinese yuan, US and Singaporean dollars, Czech korunas, Vietnamese dong, Japanese yen, Thai bahts, and Serbian dinars.They drug mules also allegedly had one pistol.

In Sydney, those of us familiar with the city knows that cocaine functions as a high end commodity, no wonder in racing clubs there are so many wealthy drug addicts.Rohan Arnold involvement means it is a commodity for which there exists a lucrative market and profit-making opportunity where much of the profit ends up in wealthy folks coffers, as well as the upper and criminal classes of society.There is no argument over many years Australian drug policies always reproduce those kind of networks with drug consumption becoming the object of a crusade that has lost the overall idea. Rohan Arnold and his co accused should remember that no matter how much money they make, if their wealth is ill gotten, their reputation is gone forever.Much of the harm from cocaine is not necessarily to do with the taking of the drugs themselves, but rather the way in which they are distributed even to young kids. This has created a huge market that is worth tens of millions of dollars annually in Sydney where it is run by violent drug runners outside of the reach of the law and connected to the illegal arms trade that has seen crime on the upward trend in Sydney and areas like Melbourne.In a statement, the Australian Federal Police said it launched an investigation into an alleged organized crime syndicate after Border Force officials intercepted the shipping container, which had arrived in Sydney via China. “AFP forensic chemists conducted a deconstruction and analysis of the cocaine and determined a purity of around 78 per cent, meaning the seizure has an estimated street value of up to $500 million,” the statement said. The fact is, cocaine consumption is a growing and is a huge problem, and most trafficked drugs are destined for consumption in cities like Sydney. The Australia problem is drug abuse and domestic drug trafficking which could have lured Rohan Arnold into the trade.If the likes of Rohan Arnold don’t seen the many of the problems in which drug abuse is symptomatic of like problems such as alienation, reification, individualization and the destruction of social and cultural structures then we have plenty of heartless greedy businessmen in Australia.Rohan Arnold’s website said he was born and educated in Canberra and graduated with a commerce degree in 1995.Apparently he had a 20-year career in the steel manufacturing industry and acted as director of ArnoldCo, Arnold Trading and Arnold Contracting according to the website.Rohan Arnold also worked on regional projects including the South Eastern Livestock Exchange in Yass and the Mortlake Saleyards. Australian drug policies and strategies at all levels need to pay much attention to the complexities of the drug market which has the likes of Rohan Arnold, drug use and drug addiction.

Contador Harrison