Review:Super Mario Bros 2

Posted on September 24, 2012 10:22 pm

The new Super Mario Bros 2 is the most fun-filled and addictive game I have come across with great music.I can confirm that Nintendo is simply remaking the same game again and have traditionally loved it any time I play it. Nintendo launched New Super Mario Bros 2 for the 3DS, and is similar same game available on different Nintendo platforms. It’s the usual sidescrolling Mario where I had to go from one end of the screen to reach a flag at the other end, collecting coins and power-ups on the way. Most notable additional is the emphasis on collecting lots and lots of coins and it’s a sidescrolling game with a bit of added depth in the visuals thanks to the 3D effect provided by the 3DS.The 3D effect is pretty subtle as it failed to utilize behind-the-shoulder third-person view to really showcase how 3D should be used and one thing that was clear was how subtle layering effect is with some depth in the backgrounds.The gameplay is that it is all about collecting coins where the counter now goes all the way up to eight digits, which gave me a  clue on how many coins I was expected to collect throughout the game.

Super Mario Galaxy 2
               Super Mario Galaxy 2

Mario now has a Gold block apart from the usual Tanooki suit, Fire Flowers and other power-ups when I was using it and several times turned blocks that Mario hits into gold coins, thus upping my coin count further. The 3DS has a two-player co-op mode where me and my friend with a 3DS was able to co-operatively play through the levels. It also differs from the co-op mode in New Super Mario Bros Wii in that the game screen does not dynamically zoom in and out to accommodate players lagging behind. Another notable play mode is Coin Rush mode where time given is short amount to get through three randomly chosen levels, while collecting as many coins as you can. I found it relatively fun and extended my replays appetite a bit so it’s a welcome addition. Having played a sidescrolling Mario game before, this new game did not offer much. If you’re like me, it doesn’t really matter, because playing a Mario game is like re-reading a good book I know what’s going to happen. I enjoyed it because I love experiencing the world that’s created for me.

Contador Harrison