Review: Secret Daughter Season 2 by Jessica Mauboy

Posted on October 9, 2017 12:04 am

Jessica Mauboy new album, the soundtrack to popular TV show, Secret Daughter Season 2 is out. Each of us has an idea of the perfect album and depends upon on taste in music and many other factors but this latest Mauboy’s is something else….awesome to say the least. More than two years ago, i wrote how this girl career will grow bigger and better, and few believed me. Their idea of the perfect Secret Daughter Season 2 album now may not be some people’s perfect album this year but its one among the picks of your blogger in 2017. Many people’s perfect album probably doesn’t even exist but this Secret Daughter Season 2 in my view show it can exist. Rather than looking at specific albums and why they are great, I feel that it is maybe better to look at the reason why Secret Daughter Season 2 could be classed as great. Mauboy’s excellent maintaining of her voice is one of the reason that makes me appreciate her latest work. One of the single from the album is Fallin’, a love song inspired by her boyfriend Themeli Magripilis no doubt arms the album with the importance of self-love to a boyfriend as any girl would dream.The singer sings in simple lyrics that celebrate the idea and strength of being oneself. Everyone would agree with me Mauboy music is fun, she is pretty, beautiful and in this album, it is reflecting her image as one of Australia’s most eccentric singers.Fallin’ has more than seven million streams and close to 1.5 million views for the video which makes the new album a trendsetter. Its clear the singer has stayed positive about what she recreates on the album such as The Church’s Under The Milky Way. No way anyone can fail to appreciate her duet of Amazing Grace with Dr G. Yunupingu, recorded before he died in three months ago. There is something that sets Secret Daughter Season 2 apart from her previous albums. I must point out that it is not a completely new style of music but has a new fusion of things that no one has yet thought to bring together before and have a certain new take on something done before which Mauboy does with ease.The album makes the listener want to relisten again and again and in your blogger’s view is because the sounds and instruments in the background, that upon a second listening, I could feel Mauboy’s idea. Songs like Fallin’ have sections which make listeners want to quickly rewind and relisten to a section again.It is a great album that makes me want to listen through it without skipping a track as each track add something to the album. Secret Daughter Season 2 album is sold on digital platforms like iTunes which means that people will want the whole album, not just a couple of the tracks. However those lucky, have been able to get DVDs in Mauboy’s one on one with fans at different locations as per twitter pages posts over the last few days.

Jessica Mauboy’s new album Secret Daughter Season 2 – Image courtesy of her twitter page….no need to remind anyone she is follows your blogger on twitter

Earlier this year I shared my views on Secret Daughter Season 1, and just like then, the new album has certain flow throughout, brilliant cohesiveness between the tracks that make them sound a part of the collection. They do sound like they have been produced by a great producer and have a kind of feel like they belong up there.We all know Secret Daughter Season 1 was a success as it was the record which made Mauboy the first ever indigenous artist to debut at the top of the ARIA album charts.The latest is that Secret Daughter soundtrack has won her an ARIA Award nomination for Best Original Soundtrack or Musical Theatre Cast Album. This Mauboy’s album will still be a part of peoples collections in many decades to come and this comes down to good songs like Fallin’ and good sound production as well as her individuality of the album. In this album, Mauboy has been able to stirs certain emotions in your blogger and generated lots of different emotions throughout whether it is happiness or memories as well as appreciating her boyfriend which few female singers do. She has done that very well through the lyrics on Fallin’ which could be linked in to do with her current adorable and stable relationship. My mom used to tell me that good music is written during hard times but Fallin’ doesn’t seem to be the case. Secret Daughter Season 2 comes out about the right thing at the right time making it greater than if it came out later.It has been one of the most successful Australian singles in 2017 and is expected to deliver Mauboy more ARIA Award nominations when the major categories are announced tomorrow.The tracks in the album starts with song Under The Milky Way – The Church, Then I Met You – Jessica Mauboy, Fall At Your Feet – Neil Finn, 20 Good Reasons – Thirsty Merc, Something Stupid Ft. Isaiah – Frank and Nancy Sinatra, Rather Be – Clean Bandit, Fallin’ – Jessica Mauboy, Dumb Things – Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls, High – Lighthouse Family, Lover, You Don’t Treat Me No Good No More – Sonia Dada, Always On My Mind Ft. Warren H. Williams – Elvis Presley, Listen To The Music – Doobie Brothers, Respect – Aretha Franklin, Break My Stride – Matthew Wilder, Plans Ft. JR Reyne – Birds of Tokyo, Light Surrounding You – Evermore, Solid Rock – Goanna and the last track is Amazing Grace Ft. Dr G Yunupingu. The Secret Daughter Season 2 album artwork has also complemented the music like Then I Met You, a personal favorite and is artistically creative and as much of a talking point as the music in the album. Music fans including your blogger remember album covers quite well, sometimes even more so than the actual music and Mauboy creative team hasn’t failed on that. I do also love the way tracks are in order where the next track complements the previous track, for example Listen To The Music – Doobie Brothers Listen is followed by Aretha Franklin’s Respect. Under The Milky Way by The Church as a starting track is a great track which gets the album off to a good start and the ending track Amazing Grace which features the Dr G Yunupingu is one that sums up the album as a whole. The Secret Daughter Season 2 album should be easily remembered because of tracks like Fallin’ and Then I Met You because like the two songs, lyrics and melodies means that people will be singing and humming different tracks to themselves after listening for years to come.No doubt a good album is one that your blogger will want to share with his friends, readers, Secret Daughter Season 2 has general appeal and is great enough to make most people want to listen to it. The Oz beau future looks brighter than ever before.

Contador Harrison