Research: Internet withdrawals similar to coming down from drugs

Posted on April 20, 2013 10:02 am

A study published online has found that Internet addicts and drug addicts experience similar withdrawal symptoms. The researchers from Universities of Milan and Swansea established that going cold turkey from an Internet addition can trigger withdrawal symptoms similar to drug users in withdrawal. The scientists examined Internet use and mood and anxiety levels of sixty subjects in the UK averaging around 25 years old. Those examined in the high-Internet-use group suffered major dips in mood after logging off from their computers compared to the low-use group.

According to researcher Phil Reed of Swansea University in the UK, when people come off-line, they suffer increased negative mood just like people coming off illegal drugs like Ecstasy. Reed added that the initial results and related studies of brain function, suggest that there are some nasty surprises lurking on the net for people’s wellbeing. The study results showed that heavy Internet users tend to be more depressed and show higher levels of autism traits. These results corroborate previous reports regarding the psychological characteristics and traits of Internet users, but go beyond those findings to show the immediate effect of the Internet on the mood of those who are addicted,” Reed says.

Contador Harrison