Reliable Energy in Tanzania will offer economic opportunity for all

Posted on February 14, 2015 03:00 am

By developing new energy technologies in clean energy and smart grid, businesses in United Republic of Tanzania can create ways to deliver services to their customers. Access to a reliable source of electricity powers the dreams of the young child studying at night and provides the high quality power for industrial level research and development laboratories. In Western world, the energy industry matched some of the governments investment dollar for dollar and created tens of thousands of jobs and massive economic value to the services and manufacturing sectors.The Government of Tanzania provision of reliable and affordable power to all, the gas rich country can avoid the “energy divide”, which places those that can afford more to have better access than those with less especially in rural areas. It’s important to maintain equality of access to energy through Tanzania Electricity Supply Company Limited which provides the life blood of a technologically advancing Tanzanian economy. For United Republic of Tanzania, the immediate challenge is to provide power out in the more remote areas of the country like Kigoma.

TANESCO plan to manage power supply to remote areas using a smart energy grid is a welcome move that will have huge economic benefits to the local and national economy.In other parts of Sub Saharan Africa, countries like Ghana and Nigeria are setting up local climate modeling hub to monitor weather patterns and its impact on crops. Nigeria, the oil rich nation was well aware that is natural reserves are depleting and are working hard to strengthen its agriculture base to support its citizens estimated to be 200 million.Tanzania has an astounding treasure of natural resources. Many of these resources form the basis of both the export economy and deliver a steady source of power to the economy.Through improving the efficiency of the power system and enabling consumers to manage consumption better,Tanzania can reduce the need for expensive or more polluting forms of energy generation. What the country require is a highly reliable, sustainable, and affordable energy system and the plan to commence gas powered electricity in the country this year is the step in the right direction.

In order to build this intelligent and modern grid in Tanzania, a comprehensive national energy and regulatory policy would be needed. An energy expert I spoke to recently and currently working in Tanzania,explained that what countries like Tanzania and others in Africa need is the national energy law mandating cost-effective deployment of a smart grid.He added that a flexible, metrics based, and innovation friendly energy regulatory system like the one Kenya is implementing would no doubt drive economic growth and reduce cost of living and doing business in Africa’s ninth largest economy.In South Africa, enabling the ability to control the time, cost and use of energy for everyday citizens is said to benefit consumers and the country that recently faced the possibility of power rationing.Through a strong national energy policy,United Republic of Tanzania can accelerate its current path towards an attractive and competitive market for the country’s manufacturers, investors, energy developers, and consumer products companies. The net economic development opportunities associated with modernizing the power system are significant and long lasting.

Contador Harrison