“Red Light Districts” are all about assisting each other,none of us are saints”

Posted on October 8, 2014 01:24 am

Yesterday, I posted an article that defended the economic rights of commercial sex workers and the sexual needs of their clients.Several of my friends took my opinion personal and lambasted me for being morally inept.What they forgot is that curbing the rate of HIV/AIDS had become more difficult after the crackdown of sex workers and outlawing of the business because keeping tabs on prostitution had become more difficult. I don’t know of any African government that hasn’t made it difficult for commercial sex workers’ activities. Prostitution is illegal in Africa, but that doesn’t stop more than hundreds of thousands of sex workers operating in secret in what some the world’s oldest occupation. As a result, the red-light district which had been concentrated in one area has now seen prostitution centers sprout up across a broad area, such as a burgeoning red light district in the urban areas across East Africa. In one of the mail exchanges with a blue who didn’t take my opinion lightly, I informed her prostitution is rife across the world, with many places using legitimate businesses as a front. Gave her examples of massage parlors, billiard halls and brothels operating in private homes that had cropped up and are raking thousands of dollars weekly. Her argument was that decentralised sex trade was far more difficult for authorities to monitor and was a barrier for the East African Countries efforts, such as ensuring condoms are readily available, to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS in countries like Kenya which ranks the fourth worldwide with HIV infections and the number of those living with AIDS.

In a recent post by an East African bloke, his paid session with a sex worker two weeks back at a Mombasa massage parlous, a Kenyan coastal city popular with East African tourists he summed up as a “experience of a lifetime.” and gave his sexual partner a score of nine for her skills at Man on Top and nine for Woman on Top because of her “out of this world moves.” That was a confirmation that prostitution is an occupation that goes back many centuries ago, but the phenomenon of online opinion, such as the social media or blogs, are a rather more modern platforms. In the relatively few years since the Internet has been around, dating sites have become widespread, and are available to the clients of sex workers and non sex workers.The fact is that most cover both sex workers who are based indoors such as saunas, massage parlors and hotels as well as those who work on the street. Blogs,messaging apps, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter have become the new medium for sex workers in East Africa to peddle their wares and the reality is tha the amount of commercial sex workers has increased significantly and as the new technology evolves, sex workers are very quick to use it.I scanned close to 78,000 tweets promoting services in Nairobi, Kampala and Dar Es Salaam revealing that many of the workers have found ways around prostitution laws. East Africa’s prostitution laws are failing to protect sex workers, and are forcing them into illegal brothels, according to recent studies. Those critical of my opinion should know that illegal street prostitution will continue same as the thriving escort industry.

Contador Harrison