Reckless driving is impunity

Posted on May 8, 2013 10:59 pm

Few weeks ago, I shared how reckless drivers are breaking the traffic laws with impunity. One can hardly drive without seeing cyclists without helmet and countless drivers who fails to stop at a red light. I have seen it committing of offences in progress. I have seen reckless driving for many years and close to the 18 years I have been a driver, many antics of that magnitude have ended up in statistic of accidents and casualties some of whom I know all too well. In my driving career, I have to admit that reckless driving has a lot to do with habits of an individual. Most drivers commit traffic offenses repetitively which end up being a habit and many have turned it into an automatic response behavior. Drivers are inclined to repeat their antics every now and then without thinking.

Reckless driving has great potential to become a habit for many as it perpetuate as drivers to assume long arm of the law will never catch up with them. A reckless driver who has never been caught in the past, always end up as a dangerous driving mind. Most fail to appreciate that they’re playing a risky game that may land them in grave. Reckless drivers are the minority. Many of them are shortsighted thinking like reaching their destination in a shorter time is an achievement. Others are inspired by the thrill of breaking the law without getting caught. I simply can’t understand why drivers fail to change to safe driving. If you are one of those who think bullying other motorists with Formula one speed, remember that safe driving is definitely worth it. You remain alive and should not wait until a tragedy occurs before employing the safe driving standards.

Contador Harrison