Reasons why Kanye West quit Twitter

Posted on May 7, 2017 12:00 am

Kanye West was trending on Twitter worldwide for disappearing from Twitter. His fans also mourned he deleted the Instagram accounts.As the hubby of Kim Kardashian, a magnificent social media user herself, it was a surprise to me and many other people.When i searched his accounts on Twitter and Instagram his handles turned up error messages. Am not an active social media outside Google plus and Twitter but i can think Kanye West may have had enough with time spent online but no doubt his 27 million followers on Twitter won’t be pleased with his latest move. At the beginning of this year, i shared my feelings on why 2017 could be the year of social media fatigue and possibly that could have caught up with Kanye West.Fears about the dangers of people spending a lot of time on social media are justified.Social media can damage people’s mental health and wellbeing.Those with low self-esteem are particularly at risk and possibly with all whats being happening around his life, Kanye West is no doubt a bloke with low esteem.People who use social media daily need to be on the lookout for increased risk-taking behaviours, depression and reduced self-image and self-esteem. Cyber bullying is another major issue for many people spending long hours on social networking sites and with the barrage of negative comments on his Twitter and Instagram I guess Kim’s husband may have lost appetite to keep up with online views about his wife.The effects of cyber bullying can be profound, including depression, anxiety, isolation and in some cases suicide. For some, the appeal of online bullying comes from the anonymity of the attack, as people are able to communicate things that they would not say face to face.

The deaths of people through suicide as a result of online abuse have become common. The links between social media use and risk-taking such as substance abuse, sexual behaviour and violence have become a challenge too.The impact of social media will vary according to the individual and since Kanye West is no ordinary bloke, plenty may have happened.Those with lower self-esteem may access social media more frequently and use it in a different way to someone with a higher level of self-esteem but not sure that applied to Kanye West. Twitter and Instagram have enhanced feelings of connectedness for well-adjusted people, but those prone to depression were likely to feel more disconnected and with the scandal involving the wife, one can understand Kanye West if that was the case he felt disconnected.Self-esteem is highest when updating twitter, particularly because of the ability to selectively self-present by choosing best photo or personal information but on the other hand narcissism, loneliness and body image concerns are affecting may people who post their pictures and whereabouts online. There are benefits for celebrities like Kanye West from using social media, such as being free to communicate with his fans. In addition, some fans benefit from the anonymity and they can be the same as everyone else. Online social networks are both band and good because they can help introverts learn to socialise and be empathetic and the several Kanye West albums I’ve listened indicates he was an introvert by nature.The worry is that Kanye West may not have the skills to manage things if something bad is said, or he might be the one saying something bad that affects him mentally later. In my view, there is a lot of pressure on celebrities online but the risks outweigh the benefits. For a person who tweeted two years ago that he was US$53 million in debt and needed help, he may however be in need of more help going forward. Checked his wife account which has 51 million Twitter followers and its still active, perhaps they can share that going forward as a couple.

Contador Harrison