Reasons why I love Country music

Posted on September 11, 2017 09:50 am

A close friend was stunned to read on this blog my passionate support for the country music. She didn’t understand how such a hardcore rock fan can be a fan of music she describes as ballads with guitars playing the background.To be precise, Country is in my view the most all round friends or family friendly music. Since I started sampling it as a tween and teenager, I have rarely come across any song with unpalatable words or lyrics that can’t be listened with family or friends, unlike other music, with Country you won’t need to cover the ears when listening along irrespective of the age one belongs to.Country music has a song for each of moods and it is so very relatable. Listening to any song, each has a soul of their own and efficiently depict emotions which any one could have felt at some time or the other. Whether you’re tween, teen, old, single, or a parent, there are multiple ways Country music brings out the togetherness. I recall as a tween how my dad used to play songs on the Sharp speakers while hanging out at home on weekends and it really put on a nice atmosphere as he was wearing his cowboy hat and boots. As a teenager i understood why Country songs were a perfect choice for easy listening in a great way. Listening to fantastic artists like Don Williams, Kenny Rogers, George Straight, Glen Campbell, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson,Blake Shelton, Faith Hill, Reba, Garth Brooks and one of my favorite Johnny Cash among others their songs to this date have never got old or out of fashion and to this date, Country songs have pleased me for years, making a great contribution to my life as a person.I find it very soothing and the vocalists always sing clearly and I do not find it difficult to understand what lyrics are saying. In many other types of music genres like Hip Hop and Rap, most situations I find the music is too loud or the accents are too fancy that at times, I sometimes face trouble in hearing the words correctly, most of them are street slangs, which obviously takes away the meaning and feel of the song.Of cause not all Rap and Hip Hop songs have lyrics one can’t listen when with old respectable folks, i recall as a tween in 1990s when listening to Will Smith and the likes was possible even when parents were around, even some rock songs are manageable but overall, that doesn’t happen with Country music. For me a song is all about getting what it means, and when I get the meaning i understand it and that helps my emotions to instantly set in.

Country music is one genre of music where you would hear very few or no bedroom words. This is why I love to listen to it when I am with my dogs. It helps avoiding those awkward moments. If I were focus on pop music on the other hand, I have no doubt it would be impossible to listen or watch while sitting with my mom. With the Country music, the lyrics of the songs are dignified and the artists themselves give more priority to decency in life which is part of their culture and is reflected in the songs they sing. Compare Johnny Cash with Pop star Katy Perry, Perry’s vocals are auto tuned over electronic beats while Cash’s plays his own instrument and showcases his talents on guitars, banjos, violins and mandolins. On the other hand, the Perry’s of this world cover up mediocre vocals with heavy beats. That doesnt however mean I don’t listen or appreciate Pop music, I do but can’t compare it with Country music. On so many occasions my dad cowboy boots coincided with some of the most significant adventures I encountered as tween, which was, and is one of the most fun parts of Country music and the everlasting fashion around it. Looking back, I can say my dad was inspired by America’s Wild West when it came to his unparalleled love for Country music, I recall how he would wear different hats, boots, belt buckles and also checkered shirts. I don’t call myself urban type because I’ve never accepted the definition of those so called city dwellers or born city types, nothing in me matches such folks.I would rather call myself an outbacker though we are seen by the city types as simple and the sort of rural stuff dealers who hardly get what modern life is all about.But do i care? Of cause not an inch. Outback categorization of suits perfectly with my love for Country music which focuses deeply on issues affecting people’s lives from drug addition, crime, death, violence, war, religion, love to mention among many others. Listening to any country songs, the lyrics are sang in a simple, straight forward and effective manner worthy of appreciation.Nothing beats the wonders of country music especially when I want to have a fabulous relaxing time.

Contador Harrison