Reasons to why regular sex is good

Posted on June 28, 2017 12:01 am

A village elder used to tell me when I was a tween that sex in his youthful days was about satisfaction, content and women and men wanted it almost every night. In 21st century the game has evolved and sex is more of a quick, convenient and gap filling exercise, and few women and men want it often. When i sought views of a female friend on what she thinks about the topic, her experiences weren’t far off from what I’ve heard before.“My boyfriend is pretty old school when it comes to sex and finds lots of excuses not to have it. It’s strange of a man who is barely 30, I know. I think he’s a bit embarrassed by it, but also he was raised in Wagga Wagga in a strict religious family.While her boyfriend says he believes sex isn’t a sin, she think boyfriend has been brainwashed that it is because he’s not comfortable talking about it or even doing it. I’ve tried seducing him and that sometimes works, and I’ve tried to convince him we should have regular sex because it’s good for us, especially since we’re getting on a bit, but he doesn’t believe me. My boyfriend is a heard working high end banker in Sydney, a city where we live together but he thinks sex is bad, dirty and unhealthy. On the other side, I believe sex is a good thing.As you write your stuff Contador Harrison, i’m currently looking for someone to give me some reasons to encourage my boyfriend to have more sex.” In the end, your blogger ended up getting more than he expected about the topic. Of cause i know sex is absolutely healthy for those engaging in it . In 21st century setting, more and more people are focused on the feelings of pleasure and connection that it brings but as we all know, there are many more benefits. From science, we all know mornings are the best time for sex, as your body has produced sex hormones and testosterone overnight and scientists says that by morning they are peaking. They also says that lovemaking is good aerobic exercise and the sexual response keeps your circulatory system toned. Sexually active people suffer fewer heart attacks. Researchers say sexual activity can also burn between 600 to 2300 kilojoules, depending on what you’re doing and for how long. One can only say it’s a more entertaining way to keep fit.Also, endorphins released during orgasm provide relief of mild to moderate pain from various conditions such as arthritis, backaches and headaches.

Great sex starts in the mind and by turning on your brain hours before you have sex triggers libido into action.Couples need to seeking true compatibility and personal connections and that despite what they may think and agonise over, habits and physical traits really don’t account for much when it comes to finding a long term sexual partner.There are few people who don’t completely ignore physical attributes like sexual compatibility.Men still tend to rank physical appearance and intimacy higher than women, but overall most people think physical appearance is an important quality in their sexual partner. Science shows that sex helps the body last longer especially the heart and circulatory system and also the brain, nervous system and muscles. It can also make sexual partner feel confident, happy, fulfilled and connected adding the desire to live well throughout their lives, and for longer.Scientists also say that neurochemicals released from both orgasm and the sensation of touch can alleviate a mild case of depression. Hormones released during the sexual arousal response act as disinhibitors that ease fears and anxieties and increase a sense of calm and wellbeing.Regular sexual intercourse boosts immune cells, reduces physical and emotional stress and helps fight off illness. Although most people turn away from having sex when they are stressed, science shows that having sex is a great stress reliever. Among men, scientific findings shows ejaculation keeps the prostate healthy and helps prevent prostate cancer by halting the build-up of toxins and carcinogens in the prostate while in women, studies have shown that in women, the oxytocin released from orgasm prevents breast cancer tissue cells from developing tumours. My friend’s boyfriend may be misinformed but he’s one among many in today’s world. Many people are taught to believe that sex is sinful, ungodly and therefore not good. However, sex is how me and you got here and so evolution has adapted sex to encourage all of us to do it and not just because it feels good, but because it is good for the world. Before that happens, there are important qualities to consider when looking for love like chemistry, friendship, enjoying the way you feel around your partner, being open about how you feels towards your partner, the personality, kindness, romantic attraction and being able to talk about personal problems as well as physical closeness.

Contador Harrison