Rape victim living the dream

Posted on September 1, 2015 12:00 am

She lost her job after naming her former MD as the man who raped her violently two years ago.The film executive is now creative content director for an East African film company that am working closely with with a certain project. Born in 1987, making it a male dominated field, creative content is just one of the three main business she’s handling, the other two business units being the digital agency’s online content creation director,and video editor for a Tv wedding show.She started her career as a videographer with Mauritius based company.”I believe that good films has a positive impact on society,” she says.Her first experience with creating content for the online community came when she accepted the job of community editor with an American online company. There, her duties included overseeing content creation for online communities in almost all of Sub Saharan Africa. “I really wanted to develop content for all African netizens too but the online community in north Africa was simply too small for my employer,” she explains.Her next career move took her to a giant electronic company with headquarters in South Korea and a creative marketing job where, as Manager, she combined writing, film skills and sales savvy to drive social media and content marketing for the Korean company.”It might have been a marketing job but most of my work was related to content,” she says.After her rape ordeal, in 2014, she moved once again, this time to a film company with presence in East African region, and was at last able to realise her dream.”I was delighted Contador Harrison to be offered the job,” she says, “especially as Film company and I have the same aim, to become the champions in terms of content.”The lady was the second rape victim I’ve come across in less than a year, the first one was chained and gang raped in presence of pedestrians.

At film company, she oversees the creative content, sales and business development unit and manages a team of some 20 youngsters all under the age of 35. The youngsters are divided into four groups, covering respectively content creation, marketing and business development and multimedia “I spent my first 50 days at Film company making myself known to every member of the team,” she grins, adding that managing such a large group was the biggest challenge she faced when she took on the job. Now, with a work plan that combines the company’s vision with her personal passion, the gorgeous lady says her mission is to build the film company into the preferred East African region company for film and digital advertising products and services.”For me, the film company is not just a job.Film company is the content generator in the social media era in East Africa and I expect will become the film destination of East African people and they will love it. Our company is all about enjoyment,” she says. Currently more than 10 million cybernauts visit the some of their clients websites each month. About 3,000 million followers make use of their company social media platforms, and 25 per cent of the viewers are deep fans who routinely visit the film company clients site everyday. “Content creation in this social media era is very challenging Contador Harrison. Today everything, including the news, is consumed via smartphone and because users demand concise and speedy content, often that content is a mix of truth and opinion, which can be harmful to those lacking in media literary. “I think of content like milk. Just as the liquid can be poured into different types of containers, content and the content format need to support multiple screens,” she says.She reminded me how Charlotte Campbell revealed her gang raping in Kenya few months back.

The 28 years old draws on her experience as a film producer managing her team, holding regular weekly meetings and dishing out tasks, though she is quick to add that her team is speedy and can work largely unsupervised when it comes to the social media. “Much of their content is social news and is designed to attract audiences to like and to share it.”We apply the news assignment concept to determining the themes of the content. We need to consider the topics people want to know about as well as those we want them to know. We also apply social media and data to our content creation,” said the lady who is brimming with confidence and is eyeing a bright future in a region where women are less appreciated.Her client fans can expect their website’s content to become broader and more varied under her supervision. Right now, 70 per cent of the content is developed by her team and associates such as bloggers and regional reporters for media companies they manager, while the remaining 30 per cent is supplied by content partners.Content created by bloggers and reporters is the latest addition to one of her new clients website and she says the number of bloggers should double by the end of the 2015.”We want our company to be the main platform for East Africans to consume and contribute content like films, stories and advertisements. We will soon be issuing an invitation to all East Africans to come up with user-generated content and I hope Wagga Wagga bloke(your bloggers nickname) will be one of them. We would like to become more of a social platform and connect with more people. Soon, we will have new content that East Africans will love and that will make them stay with our clients,” she concludes.In fact it is time that all of us in the society need to rise and protect the most vulnerable among us.

Contador Harrison