Qualities of a successful Mobile app entrepreneur

Posted on May 6, 2013 09:48 am

As the saying goes, it is good to start with a problem and find the solution because that’s where success lies. This morning I met a passionate mobile app developer who has developed an app about fitness for iOS devices, aimed at the ‘overweight generation’ especially the junk food obsessed young ones who are struggling to snub the MacDonald’s and KFC’s of this world. He narrated to me how one day he was talking to an experienced chef who was complaining about how his twelve years old son didn’t want to know the side effects of junk foods and never listen to him. The app developers asked the father why didn’t he just help the son learn the dangers of obesity, and he replied that he had no time since it was a boy who is in school and they have a strict curriculum and timeframe to follow. That’s when the app developer realized that obese kids were being left behind, ‘ignored’ by their parents and schools because of a systemic problem in the way we structure our food eating habits and pass them to our kids.

That problem inspired him to discover where he could have the most impact that is early obesity stage for children. Just like me, he started his career by building prototype products and developed the product with some early customer validation, and formed the beginning stages of obesity app, which impressed me despite the fact that I’m under 75 kgs. The app has a number of products that address certain needs in the market, including adult and young ones, different language versions, and ones focused on reducing weight. A successful entrepreneur must admit start-ups aren’t easy, and their journeys of early stage entrepreneurial are riddled with obstacles and seemingly impossible challenges. The greatest challenge for many aspiring entrepreneurs has been to survive through incredibly uncertain period.My professor at RMIT told me that what defines highly successful software developers is being in debt and having no money for ages and even being homeless after graduating from university forcing one to even squat at a friend’s house, and not knowing whether what one is doing is actually the right thing to do.

In my case, I recall my mother once told me that I’m crazy, and that I should just stick to being a political scientist like her or suit myself with a proper job like being a neurosurgeon like my cousin. Back then, it was discouragement from friends, family and friends who viewed computer programming as profession for crooks and it drove me to the edge of depression couple of times. Once I went and studied in USA after graduation, I gained so much insight into myself, motivations, and how to go about with my business that until now very few many people can understand my style of doing things. I am not a copycat and the American spirit of being me, myself and I that has since been integrated in my life. The key to success as an app developer is to create something you are passionate about, and a product that help people solve issues in their lives. Just like my app developer friend, start from the premise of a problem, understand what the problem is and then solve that problem. My sixteen years in computer programming have largely remained a closely guarded secret, there are two lessons that have define an app developer career. One is where a developer intention is to make quick money and the other one is to have a huge impact on people and eventually transforming their lives. Choice is yours!

Contador Harrison