Qualities of a competent apps developer

Posted on October 18, 2013 09:15 am

Since the advent of smartphones, mobile apps have brought about a change in the way we’ve been using hand held devices. However behind the mushrooming apps, there are plenty of skilled and talented software developers who keep churning apps of all manners. To be distinguished from other developers, an app developer need to have a deep understanding of a language that requires an intense or prolonged period of using it in a range of situations and projects. The longer app developer uses a language the better they will be with it. I have noted during my apps development processes that it takes time to acquire such valuable experience and having a great command in different languages. Just like any other profession, it always takes time to become an expert and that has been my case. The entire system of applications developed has made a huge impact in our daily lives and made our smartphones and Tablets like iPad much more than simple mere calling devices. Nowadays, through various kinds of apps, they can be used for just about anything from finding the closest place to eat to giving life saving treatment to a neighbor in trouble. The influence of apps development in my career has enabled me to earn a fortune within the same period by catering to the demand of the users and developing the right kind of apps.

Since mobile app development does not demand high technical fluency, any developer with right skills can venture into the field. But it’s always a better idea to let the professionals do the work to enable users reap the benefits. Research shows that half-baked app developer would most likely develop apps that have no appeal to most users. When dealing with a developer, all you have to do is tell your idea clearly and in detailed manner to the person involved in mobile apps development and nowadays there are literally hundred thousands of them globally.  However as much as this is a boon, it’s a point of worry as well because there are plenty of apps developers who are there to just rip your money apart and not delivering satisfying results. This is why it is important to be careful as you choose app developer. When it comes to company, look for the one with experience in apps development. Dig thoroughly through their portfolio and testimonial sections to get an idea about their work and the feedback their customers have given.  I have in the past been fortunate to meet and work with seasoned app developers who’ve been in the game since mid 1990s.When it comes to contracting an individual, the rules of the games applies just like those of company. Ensure the developer you’ve chosen has worked with a range of languages and has gained a deep knowledge of programming in general, and enough in each language to code apps that works well in the timeframes.

The developer also needs to have a deeper understanding of at least more than one single language to be a truly great app developer. In app development field, there is also a place for developers who know the basics of a range of languages. As a client, you can identify the best tool for the job, and seek out great developers in that language. Research in this field has shown that such people make good lead developers at companies who aren’t tied to a single platform. That places them in great position to choose a language and perfect it and that can be of great help to someone looking for the right developers. If you are an aspiring developer, my advice is that is that it’s worth trying a few languages before settling on which language to settle for. As a client, ensure you hire the right app developer by looking at their individual portfolio and ensure the developer is capable of developing and delivering the idea you have. In addition to that, finalize the financial agreements prior to striking the deal so as to avoid any kind of complication and miscommunication later on. This way you can have a smooth transaction and get your app development done on time. Signing an NDA so as to keep your ideas to yourself and not let other misuse them is equally important and any app developer who rejects such ideas shouldn’t be contracted.

Contador Harrison