Price hike demands better services

Posted on June 30, 2013 11:15 pm

In a highly competitive market, businesses in service industries must offer quality services to remain relevant. In cases where a service provider increases the charges, there need to be value additions to justify the hike. Run by private operators, many of these businesses offer poor and even below average services. They offer little comfort to clients and have failed in customer Service that is the key to personal habits and customer service is retaining loyalty with good service. One of the restaurant I last visited over a year ago, charges $10 per cup of cappuccino compared to $4 during my last visit. With the restaurant hiking prices for their services, guests have every right to demand higher quality and better standards. Although I agree with reasons that the higher charges are as result of rising inflation, I was less tolerant of poor services and Internet services which were not working. The amount of time Contador Harrison is prepared to wait for pre paid services is tiny compared to a decade ago when he was still a teenager where in most cases time is not an issue.

I would want best services for best prices delivered to me but not the other way round. If a restaurant cant offer the value equivalent to what they charge, this is a free world and certainly, I will be sure to get someone else offering much better and reliable services. Retaining customers is always more cost effective than acquiring new ones, so I expected that such a restaurant should be matching their hiked prices by offering better and improved services and faster Internet speeds but the opposite seems to be the case. It is not an option but rather a business practice of ensuring they deliver on rewarding guests and repeat customers with quality services. I cannot mention the name of the restaurant for I am not in the business of smearing people’s businesses online. However, I wont be surprised to hear abandonment rates for the restaurant if such bad services continue. Guests will pay higher charges if they get better service and a more comfortable environment. A more spacious and modernized air condition and brightly lit facilities would have even been considered. I believe when businesses want to raise service charges, it is only right to also provide better quality services.

Contador Harrison