Pokémon Go Tips

Posted on July 8, 2016 12:01 pm

It is just few days after the most popular ever mobile gaming app was launched.Having managed to get access to it, the problem with Pokémon Go is that the game throws you into the deep end with very little tutorial.Haven’t really come across such a game before.With a friend of mine, we decided to battle at a Gym and see whether we can manage to defeat a rival Gym and then collect Pokecoins which one can actually use as currency to buy stuff in the shop like a bigger storage bag for your items or more Poké Balls. First off, my character needed to be at least Level 5 to battle at the Gym.Second, if the Gym is grey, that means it’s unoccupied and I can simply put your Pokémon in to take control, otherwise i’ll have to do battle.I had to remember that there are essentially two situations I could find myself in when I choose to do battle at the Gym and that is either doing battle to take over a rival Gym or me training in a Gym that is the same colour as mine, in which case winning battles means increasing its Prestige and making it more resistant to attacks from rivals.There is also another very notable difference which is, if you’re battling a rival Gym for control, you have access to all your Pokémon, although if you’re training at a Gym that’s the same colour as your team, then you can only use one Pokémon.Don’t ask me why, but that’s just the way it is.The actual mechanics of battling is actually quite easy to attack, you tap on the screen and to dodge, you swipe left or right.

On the top left you’ll see your life bar and just below that is another bar that slowly fills up as you battle, once this bar is full, you can tap and hold on the screen to use your special attack.Most newbies tend to simply tap on the screen and hope that they’ll have enough health to withstand attacks.In case you want to do the battle, as a first timer, I recommend as a starting point that you instead do a combination of swipes and taps and start with a swipe to dodge then two taps on your opponent to attack and then a swipe to dodge and so on.Using this method, I’ve had quite good success defeating rivals with much higher Combat Power (CP) than ours.Of course, you really need to make sure you bring Pokémons that have CP numbers that are at least close to the ones that you are intending to battle.The whole point of battling a rival Gym is to bring down its Prestige level to zero and install your own Pokémon in it.If the Gym has a low Prestige level, a single battle where you defeat the Pokémons at the rival Gym will create an empty Gym, ready for you to install your own Pokémon and take control of it.However, most Gyms have very high Prestige levels and require you to win several times before you can empty it out.Here’s a tip, if you want to take over a rival Gym with a very high Prestige level, try taking a few friends who are in the same team as you and have all of you assaulting the Gym at the same time.

Overall, you can’t actually connect up or contact the members of your team, every person is effectively playing the game by him or herself but the aggregated assault is recorded by Pokémon Go and makes it much easier to take down the rival Gym. As I mentioned before, if you battle at a Gym that’s in the same team colours as yours, you can only use one Pokémon which makes it infinitely more difficult.Now, typically you’ll be able to defeat some of the Pokémon in the friendly Gym but not all of them, this will still increase the Gym Prestige by a bit.However, if you manage to use this single Pokémon and defeat all the Pokémons at the friendly Gym, then you are given the option of installing your own Pokémon into the friendly Gym in addition to the ones you’ve already got in there.Now if you’ve managed to defeat a rival Gym and put your own Pokémon into the Gym, you should very quickly tap on the Poke Ball icon on the bottom of your screen and tap on the Shop icon.On the top right hand corner you’ll see a little green shield icon and if you’ve got a Pokémon in the Gym, you’ll see a number in the shield, tap on the shield and you’ll be rewarded with 10 Pokecoins per Gym.Once you do that, a 21-hour countdown will start and you won’t be able to collect any more coins until the countdown ends.In this case, if you take control of other Gyms while the countdown is still going, you won’t be able to collect your coins until the time runs out.In the unlikely event that you manage to hold on to the Gym till the countdown timer ends, you will be rewarded with another 10 Pokecoins.So the long and short of it is that you should take over Gyms when you don’t have a countdown timer going or at the very least you only have a few minutes left on the timer.Hopefully with these tips you’ll be well on your way to taking over Gyms and winning yourself Pokecoins to buy whatever catches your fancy in the Pokémon Go shop.

Contador Harrison