Pokémon Go craze

Posted on July 10, 2016 12:10 pm

Pokémon Go isn’t showing signs of slowing down, and has become the largest launch in mobile phone history. The app, which launched in the US a few days ago, continues to add new users and countries, while driving an astounding amount of revenue. As one of those who have been blown away by the game, I have managed to dig some well know facts and figures based on the latest available data collected by a leading app analytics and app data intelligence company. The research company anticipates the game will breeze past US$350mil in consumer spending across iOS and Google Play between this month and end of August. So far, the game is on pace to exceed estimated US$1billion prediction set two days after its launch and it is expected to surpass any previous mobile game yearly revenues. With earnings like this, Pokémon Go isn’t just a mobile phenomenon but overall it’s an entertainment phenomenon story that has captured the imagination of every gamer. Although I can’t predict, i feel that the buzz surrounding the game and the estimates being put across that at its current rate, the game may have the potential to exceed worldwide box-office numbers for 2016’s highest-grossing film, may turn out to be accurate. If console super hits have achieved US$500million in a matter of days, mobile games like Pokémon Go can top the charts for a couple years according to a friend working as a researcher in a German firm. She believes that the number of Pokémon Go downloads in the past two dwarfs other popular apps during their first week of release. It is estimated that Pokémon Go will reach 7 million downloads in its very first week of bring launched which will be next Wednesday – 13th July.Compare this with popular games that brought in less than three million downloads after one week of their release, the rate of downloads shows that the game will smash those figures and double them.

Pokémon Go is sharing the wealth. Thanks to a strategic partnership with the game , where its 2,900 locations across Japan became designated PokéGyms, McDonald’s Japan sales are said to have jumped 10% in the last three days and could double in percentage before end of this month thanks to the craze of game.It is also said that online retailers are also cashing in, with online sales of Pokémon-related merchandise increasing 50% compared to last summer in just three days. Pokémon Go is the leading game across all demographic segments of iPhone users.Statistics available since the game was released mid this week, its appeal is strongest with the age of 13 to 24 years segment, where it ranks among the top 20 for all apps and in US it has even surpassed Spotify and Pandora Radio. According to a friend of mine in US, the average Pokemon player is more that twice likely to use videogame apps and play mobile games thus leading to the conclusion that the average Pokémon Go player is a core gamer, with intense gaming habits leading to a strong investment in time and even possibly money.My biggest anticipation is to see what will happen when major markets where the game still hasn’t launched like China, South Korea and India gets started.I think the revenues and craze will hit the roof.In the latest report, China surpassed the US for the iOS App Store as the number mobile gaming market in terms of global revenue. While Pokémon Go will have to deal with the need to pick a local map technology and host local servers, this seems like one opportunity too good to ignore. The San Francisco based friends told me that he strongly believed that by end of this month, the game will have set new records and that there’s still room for the app to penetrate existing markets by targeting laggards as well as people who didn’t grow up with the game. Additionally, there are still massive updates expected to roll out. The introduction of in game monster trading and customisable PokeStops next month or thereabout is expected to reignite the app’s existing user base while appealing to prospective users even in places like Africa.

Contador Harrison