Philadelphia Eagles wins Super Bowl 2018

Posted on February 5, 2018 02:20 am

Philadelphia Eagles have won Super Bowl LII after defeating outgoing Super Bowl champions the New England Patriots who were attempting to retain their title 41-33.The Patriots have also become the first team in NFL history to rack up 600 yards in a game and lose. No doubt Eagles have extinguished their 2004’s Super Bowl XXXVIII loss to Patriots and no one would be happier than of of their biggest fan, Pink. The three time grammy winner kicked off the Super Bowl with her impressive vocals and performance of the US national anthem, a Philadelphia Eagles fan, Pink wore an all white ensemble and after that Super Bowl LII kicked off on a high with both teams showing hunger to win the game played at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, home of the Minnesota Vikings. New England Patriots were trying to win their sixth Super Bowl with help of Tom Brady while Philadelphia Eagles were firmly focused on winning the American football for the first time and boy, they did it the hard way.The Patriots are wasting a lot of good chances with poor execution and bizarre playcalling which led to Chip shot by Elliott that gave the Eagles the lead from 25 yards but Patriots responded immediately with a 26-yard strike by Gostkowski to level it 3-3.Then Barner ran back the kick-off to the 24-yard line, Agholor worked hard after the catch, picking up seven followed by former New England Patriot Blount fantastic run into Patriots territory down the outside, 36 yards. Nick Foles aired it out completed by a Jeffery touchdown giving his team Eagles 9-3 lead over Patriots. A great block from Jason Kelce set the tone, although the Eagles went for 2, but they didn’t get it as first quarter ended on that scoreline.Second quarter started evenly until Blount hit the left edge and powered his way over Patriots giving his team a 15-3 lead, then Eagles again went for two, thrown to Jeffery but Rowe broke it up. At that point, Eagles had what one would feel was a commanding lead. Patriots settled for a field goal and add three from Gostkowski from 45 yards to narrow the Eagles lead15-6. Then came moment of brilliance from James White up the middle, evading tackles and scored a touchdown. That was a great run for White and the extra point was valuable as Eagles lead was cut to just three points 15-12. Soon after Eagle’s Foles looked for Jeffrey, Gillmore defended the pass while Jeffrey lost his footing, Eagles wanted the flag but never got it and instead decided to go for it, Burton threw it to Foles for the touchdown taking the Eagles lead to 22-12.That Foles touchdown on the trick play, on 4th and goal, concluded the first half. In terms of halftime entertainment, performance by Justin Timberlake was dazzling and delighted to see him pay tribute to Prince.

Tv screen shot of Pink singing national anthem

Second half got underway with Brady missing a wide open Gronkowski up the seam but that didn’t deter Brady who hit Gronk again, on a slant this time, for his fourth catch of the drive and a score helping New England reduce the deficit to 22-19. That seems to have motivated Eagles who went for a jugular, Foles threw a perfect strike to Corey Clements in the end zone. Play was halted as they checked on whether Clements got both feet down and he was right at the back of the end zone and after review they gave it giving Eagles a ten point lead at 29-19. That was mighty close, the ball looked loose as his left foot went down. The Patriots who have won five Super Bowls all under the team of quarter-back Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick needed inspiration to overcome motivated Eagles. Lewis took the handoff for a gain of 1.Then his pass to Hogan was incomplete, but a holding call against the Eagles gets them a first down, which Hogan landed it over the middle.Then Brady to Hogan, a 33 yard touchdown which put the gap back to 3 with Eagles leading 29-26 at the end of third quarter, the 2017 NFL MVP winner looked determined to lift his sixth Vince Lombardi trophy with his work ethics. Fourth quarter got underway with Foles finding Agholor but Patriots tackled him for a loss of eight. Field goal time and the kick from Elliott was good. Elliott knocked over the field goal from 42 yards,there was a flag against the New England Patriots for offside but Eagles declined it and points stood. What followed was a moment of magic from Gronkowski in the corner after a throw from Brady and his touchdown gave New England Patriots a 33-32 lead for the first time with nine minutes to go. A friend watching the spectacle in Wagga Wagga inboxed your blogger saying one big defensive play by either team could swing the entire outcome but was feeling the Eagles had lost the momentum. The game reached the point where the clock became a huge concern for both teams who had two time outs with three minutes left. For New England Patriots they had to make a decision to either dig deep and back their defense or concede to give themselves a chance to score a winner. Patriots conceded Ertz touchdown which gave the Eagles 38-33 lead, Foles made the pass to Ertz on the slant, Ertz took a few steps before diving in and losing it and according to officials, he’s technically a runner. The ruling meant it was the 13th scoring possession in the game, which set a Super Bowl record for most yards total offence.It was a moment when the game was on knife edge, New England Patriots needed a touchdown and the way American Football is played, that was plenty of time.There were two minute remaining with Eagles facing a 3rd and five deep in Patriots territory. A first down there would have won the game and if the Patriots stopped them, the Eagles could have gone by eight with a field goal and thats exactly what happened when Patriots denied Eagles who took all the time they wanted to kick the field goal, making it an eight point game. Patriots were left with less than a minute to go 75 yards. And when Elliott kicked it off, Eagles extended their lead 41-33 with 65 seconds left on the clock. In the end, Eagles held firmly and won the first Super Bowl victory in Philadelphia Eagles history and their star of the night Nick Foles deservedly won the MVP award. Apart from New England Patriots, most fans would agree with me that we’ve had enough of Tom Brady and his colleague’s domination and a new winner was long overdue. Hope to catch up with you, same place next year!

Contador Harrison