Pets abuse and neglect is unacceptable

Posted on August 11, 2015 09:42 am

When I shared the story of Nokia – my lovely Rottweiler that passed away more than a decade ago,there were mixed reactions from readers. Some wondered why a thirty plus bloke would celebrate a pet,while others were very positive about tender care I accorded the Rottweiler.Animal abuse is not just a rural folks kind of crime. It does happen with pet owners. Last month, I was with an octogenarian looking lady who lamented spate of incidents involving animal abuse and undignified manner on how people treat animals.In the wealthy ma’am wish list, are tough laws that need to be put in place and universally implemented by all countries globally to fight against ever increasing cases of animal mistreatment and inhumane behavior that has been passed on to new generation. Well educated, the lady would in her own words prefer increase in the fines and jail terms for those who abuse animals. She left with plenty of questions lingering in my mind that such laws deserves full support of mindful human beings. Apart from the harsh sentences, the lady would also wish to see a multi national formation of an enforcement agency to tackle what she described as animal slavery.She would also wish to see everyone of us keep their eyes and ears to the ground, and monitor the treatment of animals on a sustained basis, rather than just spring into action when there are some isolation cases.

The lady who offered me and three others a posh ride as we drove to a function, pointed out that it is crucial that the responsibilities of concerned organizations and institutions that must clearly spell out to curtail any animal abuse by enforcing the law just like human rights movements have dealt with human abuse. In Australia and New Zealand where I have also lived, checks on animals are conducted in established zoos shelters and in some states the checks are at times conducted in quiet outback. The lady added and I quote;“ Animals cannot speak, they cannot take to the streets and hold a demonstration like human beings have been doing for the past three centuries. “Contador Harrison, the World need to implement punitive laws that will act as a deterrent against widespread animal abuse.” Me think that the obvious cases of animal or pet cruelty, the stakeholders must tackle cases of silent abuse where it may not necessarily be physical in nature but can be emotionally traumatizing. Although stringent laws cannot stop the abuse or monitor everyone at every place, the most effective way of protecting the rights of animals to ensure human beings are made aware that animals have rights, and just like me and you, our pets and animals deserve to be treated with dignity and compassion.

Contador Harrison