Perpetrating hate crime is buffoonery

Posted on April 2, 2014 09:34 pm

Women and young vulnerable in our society continues to suffer hate crime at the hands of idiots who do so with impunity and on a regular basis and victims continues its struggle for equality within society. Despite the resources and efforts by relevant authorities mandated to tackle the menace, social change and attaining equal rights remains a dream for many of us. There are plenty of organizations that publish hard copies and digital publications like CDs and DVDs to net both old and young victims but perpetrators have stayed ahead. This past week, I came across an ardent reader of my blog who had no kind words for me. Internet is a very import medium for the suppressed to disseminate information, and I consider it a safe space, but flourishing hatred online, this space has been invaded and now I see it as no different with public areas. Since my teenage, I have always supported ideas that are meant to deal with the hatred. We finished the exploratory research and we hope to publish it soon. The “idiot” I was speaking to was furious that my posts caters for people his background does not accommodate and was disgusted to learn that despite his doctoral background, he’s very much opposed to integration of internet governance in relation to dealing with hatred. On the society level, victims continues to face challenges when trying to approach information and communications technology rights groups as haters believe that hating others is an individual decision and therefore is guaranteed as fundamental human rights and is not part of breaking the law. Hating and calling each other names has become an acceptable standard of communication world over.

Life is particularly difficult for young people and women who suffer most, because they are politically and economically dependent on others. We all know that poor people have less powers or say in societies we live in and most of them feel incapable of making their own decisions when faced with the challenges and don’t want to face the wrath of haters. The younger you are, the more vulnerable you are, because they don’t have resources needed to access information, and are experiencing discrimination. It is very important to have access to information in order to be more confident and productive in the society as well as defend yourself from the bunch of airheads that has taken over our lives. Portrayal of the “Internet trolls” in online communities as heroes and heroines has largely been driven by media especially the journalists and editors who publicize cases like “Twitter murder,” “Facebook death”, every time. It’s complicated, because haters have famous careers and people accept them as they are, while they do not accept other people’s lives as happened with Mozilla CEO this week. In plenty of cases, victims are still unwilling to bring hate crimes to justice and time is ripe for stakeholders and individuals to demand protection from haters who are everywhere. When an individual like me suffers from hatred and threatened by a person who does not condone my opinion, people will ask why can’t I take the case to court. In this world today, only stupid people go to court as it permanently undermine peace of mind, security, because societies don’t have a protection act for hate crime victims, which makes the victim insecure about exposing identities of perpetrators. Hate crime victims need to continue working hard. It is vital for all victims to complement each other. Contador Harrison think there’s need for victims to come out and speak about their ordeals and should feel secure in public and there shouldn’t be discrimination because a country can only become developed through social change with tolerance and spreading of information throughout all levels of society like I have done.

Contador Harrison