Pauline Lee Hanson is a racist wacko

Posted on January 24, 2018 12:25 am

Pauline Lee Hanson, One Nation’s Queensland senator is a dinosaurian Australian politician who hates people of color with passion, especially immigrants. Who does this aging woman think she is? Who can she fool that she’s not a descant of immigrants? Australia is a country entirely comprised of immigrants and refugees, thats not a secret unless you are an idiot like Pauline Hanson. Every individual in land down under is either a refugee, immigrant or descended from them. Even my brothers and sisters from the Aboriginal communities landed in Australia well above over 40,000 years ago. It is absolute nonsense for Pauline Hanson to now suggest that relatives of immigrants who commit serious crimes on Australian soil should be deported along with their offending family members, that kind of a scheme is racist, period! Pauline Hanson should know that immigrants are more important to Australia than Australia is to immigrants.Most of immigrants, however, would prefer that they should not be considered so. Pauline Hanson has proved that she cannot stand immigrant hierarchical culture and her obsession with wealth and status is next to none, no wonder she is talking of a move to achieve zero net immigration. Pauline Hanson may have been born when he ‘White Australia Policy’ which excluded non-European immigration was still in place but just like that policy wiped out 45 years ago, her One Nation will be worthless in near future. Not even respectable white Australians support her hatred ideas about how the changing make-up of Australia’s migrant population.

According to her, migrants who engage in anti-social, criminal behaviours would not be allowed citizenship, my question is, would that end skyrocketing crime in Australian cities?I am never gonna defend criminals but packaging all immigrants as criminals is buffoonery.It is right for immigrants to see Pauline Hanson and her One Nation party as a party of arrogant and hypocritical whites with no regard for human dignity and manners.To an ordinary Australian immigrant, Pauline Hanson is a racist politician, but less well-known and desirable than other mainstream parties racists.Immigrant students are known on campuses and in Australian cities to be friendly and articulate, but there are too few Australian whites who are racists to be noticeable. So why do i care about this dinosaurian woman?Pauline Hanson is an Australian policy-maker who is working hard to ensure that ethnic enclaves were created and impose labels on immigrant communities. An ordinary immigrant hardly thinks of Pauline Hanson, even as many of them see Australia as merely a cheaper and better alternative to Donald Trump’s US and the post-Brexit UK, most are captivated by how friendly, optimistic and helpful the non racist white Australians are. Most immigrants your blogger knows are surprised at how diverse Australia is, even compared to their own countries.In the past, I have met people from all over the world, of all colors, religion and language in different parts of Australia. In my view Pauline Hanson comments, threats and policies will not change that, she can go hang herself.There is a general perception in immigrant communities that white Australians are racists, but in my view not all of them and those who think so, need to examine how their own society accepts people of different religion and color. The so called white Australians are mostly Germans descendants who fled religious persecution in the 1830s, Irish refugees from the British genocide of the Irish Famine to mention but a few.Multiculturalism was introduced in Australia and migrant groups also formed associations to maintain their cultures and languages, that will never die because we have Pauline Hanson and her bunch of morons.Most of immigrants who have settled, respect Australia’s laws, traditions and have come to understand the culture unlike this lamebrain woman.

Contador Harrison