Overcoming detestation and traduce

Posted on May 24, 2016 12:00 am

Two years ago, I had a fierce argument with a blud who was critical of a report that showed Google had just 2% black people in its payroll.That to me, isn’t racial discrimination but rather a lack of the said race efforts to break barriers in the technology industry as it has happened with politics following election of Barack Obama as US President over seven years ago.But I do admit that racial bigotry is commonplace and have experienced it first hand including as recent as a week ago. I started interest in writing when I was a tween thanks to my folks’s interest on the same. Ever since, this simple piece of brain has been woven into the fabric of writing freely to this date and together with reading and coding are part of my daily life. I wear the ‘coded-life’ as an act of worship in servitude to oracles and hence feel a great sense of inner peace and empowerment in doing so. By defying social norms of modern day life like drinking socialising, alcohol, smoking and choosing to live a life of my own terms, the ‘coded-life’ has also given me resolve and strength of character.Yet many people do not associate my lifestyle with empowerment, rather they assume it is a source of imbecility. Being unmarried man is not easy, as one bears the brunt of prejudice and in my case, I struggle to quash perpetuated stereotypes that insult my talents and aspirations and reduce me to voiceless, one dimensional caricatures for some but its within my human right to be a singleton.Some even believe that being single is an indication of irresponsibility but i describe such minds as medieval and simplistic. Those who know or have interacted with me, will confirm that I don’t entertain traduce of any manner and thats why several years ago I cut off communication with a geezer who was a professor and one of the brightest bloke’s i’ve ever met, but due to his never ending prattling, bludness had to end.

All human beings have a natural tendency to be weary of what is different. As such, throughout my life, few have understood me to be able to decode me and then associate.Most people also harbour a burgeoning curiosity which drives them innocently to express blatant truths and ask pointed questions that bigots would normally avoid. Being a young bloke myself, however, I do realise this and have found constant barrage of comments and questions about my private life hurtful. Every comment pricks me like a thorn which causes me to retreat further and further into myself.I have never had time casual or unconstrained conversation about other people, typically involving details which are not confirmed as true.Sadly, events a week or so ago, have got me thinking why on earth,we have many people engaging in blather. If i was a teenager or a tween, such comments could be under international laws be pronounced as bullying but am a dinosaur who exited ‘disney club’ decades ago. I vividly recall in my high school days when a boyo in schoolyard called me too black to be a human and that I belonged those mammals in the forest, my father told me that it was time I stood up for myself. The valiant father told me that if I wanted to be respected and understood why am dark, black or charcoal as others like calling people with dark tone, I had to share my story of origin and that I wasn’t the only one who was of my color. My high school mates did not know that in my ancestral continent of Africa,I was among the many millions who had similar skin tone to mine and levels of IQ wasn’t different from theirs.

So, I had to find the way to explain this in a class presentation and that move turned out to be the best I ever made although it took me years to realise it especially during the events of over a week ago.Because of what my father instilled in me decades ago, I am never terrified by the prospect of speaking my mind and have found myself standing up against any of inquisitive child of the species homo sapiens. My knees no longer knock against each other when responding to odium. I have a yearning to be accepted and not have to constantly explain myself or be apologetic for who I am.If i don’t take alcohol, what has that got to do with anyone?If I am not married whats your interest on the issue?If I am poor and can’t finance my own life, what’s itching you?Book reading, music, coding, Formula One etc have been my means of escape from peculiar types. As long as the opportunities in life remain open for me, I cannot be removed from my own reality and immersed in the fascination of the common world narrative. Since I met a Tasmanian writer in the mid 1990s, I have never turned back the appetite for reading and writing.With commitment, my writing skills have improved steadily.Thats why, rather than address an individual who abhor black people and Africans in particular, I use the writing express my feelings about such behaviour.If someone has had a bad experience with a black man or an African for that matter and is fed up, no need one day to wake up and take frustrations on someone you don’t know whether on the street, online or even one on one.Despite the revulsion by the individuals, I was’nt broken neither was i despondent.In life, and especially in today’s digital era, I have found that the ground of thinking’ is less convoluted. The taunts I receive for my skin tone are more direct and hurtful and especially boondocks types can be nasty.If the individuals of over a week ago wanted me to feel and force draw me in a particular direction they can go hang themselves.

I will never be stunned or humiliated just because someone equates Africans to monkeys, or that all Africans are fraudsters because of the infamous Nigerian scam mails or because global corruption perception index shows that African countries are more corrupt which I have also written about. This past week, my encephalon has drifted back to the words of my father decades ago that i should never allow any person who greatly dislikes me because of one reason or the other to pull me down.Such people who believes that a particular race is superior to another are bullies’ attitudes are born of ignorance because almost every one of us is tossed into its vast sphere from the moment we are hatched from an egg. The ignorance of those individuals classifying a person or people because of their skin tone or origin is despicable to say the least. Am not the only one who has experienced prejudices because of our ancestral skin tone but the incident has provided me with the impetus to swim towards awareness and uncover more about the world that surrounds me and the human experience that enriches it. If others fail to acknowledge others can be superior than them, then they will drown in the same waters of ignorance that could have propelled them to greater heights.Without preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience, human beings irrespective of their origin or skin tone can connect and become more receptive to other views, approaches and ideas. There are dangers of racial prejudices and whoever you are or come from, strive to learn about people before making illogical conclusions just because of their skin tone and their origin. Over the years, I have learned that every frank, fair and fearless word and every dignified response to such bile, has the potential to apprise ignorant and arrogant minds, pulverise inaccurate preconceptions and liquefy those hollow muscular organ filled with hate against black people especially Africans.

Contador Harrison