Online shopping always fulfill my desire

Posted on July 21, 2013 02:26 pm

This week was a double “F” affair. For those who were not born in Melbourne,it stands for fruitful and frustrating. It was fruitful because office plans went as planned though not all and on the other hand it was frustrating to see an order I made online two weeks ago has not been delivered. The power of Internet and speedy international deliveries has made online my most preferred shopping malls. Online shopping access allows me to browse hundreds of articles of gadgets, software, clothing, shirts, shoes and accessories and once I make a decision, I snaffle them up with one click. Sites selling clothing and accessories, catering mostly to middle and upper class are my favorite. Most of them include something for every season with every possible style and all the latest trends. I have found out online stores clothes cost significantly less compared to high-end brand clothes. What frustrated me this week was that despite the promise “We ship in 7 days anywhere in the world” mine has taken more than two weeks.

No one can argue that travel, hospitality and fashion industries have been the main beneficiaries of online technology. We live in an era where it does not matter whether you are in boondock or leafy suburbs, nothing can restrict access to fashion brands that were not long ago a preserve of the well off. Online shopping has ensured that the price cannot stop online shoppers like me us purchasing the trendiest clothing available in the world. I don’t have to bother a seller holding a tape measure to circle my waist trying to find the right size that fits me because dimensions of the clothing are provided and that include the model representation of the attire. It takes me less than ten minutes to chose the clothing or any accessory of my choice. With free shipping and easy payment by credit card, online shopping sites allow customers to chat online with its employees incase there is a problem. Online shopping have been fulfilling my desires by changing my lifestyles by offering me unlimited products to chose from something brick and mortar shops are limited to. Despite it taking a long time for online shopping clothes to reach me, it’s still much better than rudimentary brick and mortar shops.

Contador Harrison