Online dating allows women to hide behind their fake personas

Posted on September 30, 2014 12:10 am

Three days ago, a female blud sought my advise on online dating risks. Not because am an online dating expert but as online crime researcher there’s plenty in my skull to share with online novices.Sadly, I had no idea which are the best dating sites where she could get a chance to meet a man of her choice.The long standing notion of skirt-chasing men has finally been altered to what we used to know it before. Internet dating has levelled the dating scene like nothing else before it and now both men and women can play in a level playing field. Women and Men of different generations are approaching men online than offline. Women dating online have a huge advantage because there can be roughly 25 men per woman on many dating site according to various studies. Quite frankly, as my female friend hunting for a bloke of her choice will notice, if as a lady and the odds are 25 to one, it doesn’t matter how one look like, she’s going to get 20 responses at the very least. Online dating sites have uneven ratio that gives our women the luxury of being able to sit back and relax, and then decide which men to reply to and which to ignore.

An elderly man whom I spoke few weeks back about past dating practices especially in 1970s told me women back then could hardly afford to ignore men and it was impossible to do that in real-life situation. Say, for example, a boyo approaches a lady at a coffee shop, but doesn’t match her criteria, perhaps he’s skinny, ugly, or holding a cheap phone. Such ladies would have to endure small talk before disentangling herself from him. Me think she couldn’t just walk away without seeming incredibly rude and in places like Africa, that is unheard of. When it comes to online dating, there are no social obligations stopping a woman from dismissing men’s advances and such considered normal. In my thinking, the power to ignore makes women too specific about whom they prefer to date. No doubt an opportunity of meeting a fantastic bloke could be lost simply because he didn’t fulfil a woman requirement of handsomeness.Those willing to joint my female blud in cashing their men of their choice, setting criteria for what they want is ideal.When it comes to the fact that women prefer to misrepresent themselves in their profiles whether online or offline,some using fake or photoshopped pictures to make them look more attractive.

Women feel pressured into pretending that they have the perfect figure. Even online, men still want beautiful women but not a deceiving  looks that most of them put online to attract their would be suitors.There is scientific evidence that show snubbing people based on their looks  and class has increased through online dating.The cloak of anonymity provided by the Internet is both a blessing and a curse.While it provides a screen for the likes of weirdos, pedophiles and stalkers to hide behind.It gives a boost of confidence to those who fear rejection in the real world because of being superannuated and antiquated.Rejection is much easier to handle from a stranger on the dating sites than from someone that you met in a more traditional way.It seems that, for older women at least, online dating is more about sexual power, not equality.Historically, women have been the victims of men’s sexual power, and to them it is liberating to be able to turn the tables. Your average woman out there online dating is a 40-year-old married woman who is trying to have sex with as many young men as she possibly can with majority of them preferring the 18 to 25 years. Any women over 40 years seeking relationships online justifies failures in their real lives and they are trying to make up for it by having some sort of power online. They are just rejects trying to reinvent themselves.

From various research conducted in the last decade, women only have power and control online because they feel less emotionally vulnerable when hidden behind their lies and fake personas and that is why most of them are running online to get men.No doubt those going online to date with sense of newfound liberation may be misguided because at the end of the day women online still need to succumb to men’s sexual pressures and that cannot be deemed as liberation for women who’ve failed in traditional relationships. Well, when it comes to online dating, women have both the theoretical power to say no and the actual power as well and a study conducted in Australia showed women in Melbourne use that power and could be the reason as to why its the greatest city on Oz.In Melbourne, the study revealed women were actually much more calculating online than offline when considering safety risks.Despite the increase of online daters, it seems that Internet dating will never truly capture the hearts of real daters. The real daters are the ones loyal to traditional methods and Contador Harrison believes face to face should be the name of the game.Why waste time and money beating around the bush in search of affection when in this day and age you can wink, flirt, date, and even propose online, allowing you to save the time and money that becomes more precious with each passing day.

Contador Harrison