NPD Report: PCs losing Smartphones and tablets

Posted on February 7, 2013 06:23 am

The latest report by NPD Group has found that consumers are still heavily reliant on their computers. According to the data it is very clear that Internet browsing is still highest among PC owners currently standing at 75%. In addition to that, mobile devices are quickly catching up, with 61% of smartphone owners and 53% of tablet owners using them to access Internet. More than a third of consumers have abandoned desktops and notebooks in favor of smartphones and tablets for surfing the Web, using social media and playing games. Among tablet users, 27% say they’re using their computer less and less, particularly for browsing and 20% say they’re using it less often for accessing Facebook. Also, 27% of smartphone owners say that they now use their mobile phone rather than a PC for both browsing and Facebook.

Another interesting part of the report indicates connected TVs are also starting to grow in popularity as another way of accessing online content. About 21% percent of connected TV owners say that they now use their TV rather than their computer, for video streaming. The report also shows that the three most popular activities on tablets that were once computer only activities are browsing the web, using Facebook, and playing free games and reading newspapers and magazines which both activities tied for third place. While analyzing the report, It was crystal clear that smartphones popular in uploading photographs than gaming and reading magazines. After reading the report, I do think these shifts in usage will not be massive and computers will remain the fundamental content creation device in consumer’s Tool Box for many years to come.

According to the report, the consumer data shows trends and focus are switching their entertainment centered preferences to tablets, smartphones, and connected TVs at an alarming speed.This year, the same trend will be grow significantly as more mobile devices become enabled with screen sharing technologies that allow users to bridge their mobile devices to their TV screens.Such developing trend is not a surprise for smartphone and the tablet owners.Mobile devices have made access to the Internet easy and more comfortable and sociable experience like sitting on a sofa and browsing the net or even surf while drinking cappuccino at a cafe.To survive the onslaught, manufacturers should focus their attention on building PCs that deliver core functionalities that tablets and smartphones are not equal to the task. Perhaps, they could even think of developing a hybrid product comprising notebook and tablet devices.

Contador Harrison