Norway most popular online searches 2012

Posted on December 18, 2012 10:13 pm

The people list looked very different on rival search engine Bing, which revealed its top 2012 few weeks ago. Norwegians are searching over 20 million searches on Google and the data shows the number of searches is increasing at a rate of 30-35% annually and hopefully also the learning curve of all the searchers. I was delighted to see the Google Norway manager in say that he believes that the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have become people’s new oracle. The search engines give people answers about population development, both in what they are looking for and what they seek. There is no argument searches are becoming more and more private. The most visited sites in Norway were led social networking site Facebook
followed by
while YouTube takes the third position.

Others on the list are Vg
,New york Times which was the only English newspaper on the list
and Google translate closes the top ten list. The most important search phrases last year were how to write a cv
followed by how to write an application with how to delete Facebook coming third. Others were how to Get Pregnant
,how to calculate percent
,how to write a resignation
,how to Write Articles
,how to roast a beef
,how to write an essay
with surprisingly how to boil eggs coming tenth on the list. Globally, the late American pop star Whitney Houston topped Google’s list of the most searched-for people in 2012. The list of the top search terms and trends over the last year, culled from 1.2 trillion searches in nearly 150 languages. The list has been broken up by topic, including top keyword searches, images, people and events. The lists was mainly dominated by big news and pop culture references.

Contador Harrison