Nokia’s Lumia 920 is my pick for 2012

Posted on December 13, 2012 03:05 am

Mid this year, Microsoft sent out a clear signal to is competitors it was determined to win over iPhone or Android gadget devotees with Windows Phone 8 smartphones that I can best describe as based individualism and unify digital lives in the Internet cloud. I was a bit skeptical at the beginning but since the launch of Lumia brand of phones all that skepticism has been deleted completely. This weekend,the global rollout of Windows 8 phones will come as the final piece in a Microsoft operating system transformation aimed at mobile lifestyles.Microsoft launched its latest generation Windows operating system and hit the market with Surface tablet computers and opened a good number of temporary stores that have drawn crowds interested in Windows 8 devices. The lines we’ve seen at Microsoft stores have been unheard of in the past decade with Apple being the only company able to attract fanatics queue for its products. Windows Phone 8 is the final component in Microsoft’s new equation and shares a user interfaced based on tiles that can be personalized with people’s pictures, applications, games, music among others. Microsoft has re-invented a smartphone experience that has for years basically consisted of a locked screen that opens to rows of icons. Unlike the tired old metaphor common with iPhones, Windows 8 phones have came up with the way that it puts us at the centre of the experience. Additionally, sales of the Windows 8 operating system driven by upgrades has sold 40 million licenses of Windows 8 in one month.

Windows 8 phones also integrates seamlessly with its new Windows 8 operating system and allow users easy access to contact details and information about family members.Windows Phone are the most personal smartphone operating system I have to got and is the most perfect companion for my Xbox. I think Windows Phone are the most unique reflection of who we are as mobile users.Microsoft also included a Kids Corner feature that provide walled garden for parents to select which apps, games and settings that children can use when they ask to play with an adult’s phone.There are other plenty of good windows 8 phones but Lumia 920 is my phone for 2012 not because of the brand but because of the operating system! The other reason why it’s my choice is because Lumia features a glossy exterior and only the second Nokia phone to use PureView camera technology and has eye-catching colours added to its glossy and polycarbonate body. Lumia 920 has a gorilla glass curves seamlessly into its shell and the outer buttons are low-profile and easy to use. The 4.5-inch display is impressive for me and also Lumia 920 features IPS technology that makes it easy to see from an angle, a higher resolution than the Apple latest outfit iPhone 5 at 332 pixels per inch, and its colours are crisp and bright and Windows 8 Phone software is a welcome development, with two sizes of Live Tiles filling the screen.Lumia 920 has plenty of extras with Nokia Maps integration, Internet Explorer 10, Xbox smart glass for controlling an Xbox 360, support for memory cards, and support for more powerful multi-core processors which allows this phone to use a 1.5GHz dual-core chip and 1GB RAM.Lumia 920 is a stand out smartphone and the best Windows 8 phone for 2012.

Contador Harrison