Neighbor, come to the house window and talk to me before I go to bed

Posted on December 19, 2013 06:35 am

When I was growing up my mother taught me that maintaining harmony and good relations with people of all race was the key to enmity free life and with time I learned that such foundations are built over the years. Also, she used to narrate how our neighbors at our home in Melbourne came from the different roots and had no blood or race ties and there was distinct cultural history entrenched but despite some racists buffoons the area was a haven of peace. Time have changed now and last time was in Melbourne it was clear relationships and neighborliness is bound by social, economic ties and cooperation in various fields well as people to people relationship between in the estate. The people of all races continues to move forward with stronger cooperation and good relations in order to scale greater heights something was missing in mid 1980s and early 1990s when Oz was going through economic turmoil. While the educated looks to negotiations and diplomacy to solve problems that affects their neighborhood some people have chosen the other path where impatience and violence is their only way they can express their point of view and if only they realize that violence and hatred never brings solutions.

My upbringing background taught me that the only way to achieve cohesiveness is to think and act reasonably. That is why all sane people preach peace and togetherness amongst neighbors. I have been wondering why is it that some neighbors do exactly the opposite to what common sense demands? It’s not enough just to carry the label of being a professor or a very wealthy neighbor and is more important to understand and imbibe the love and dignity of our respective races, and live according to that peaceful way of life. Unless you are a fool, living with neighbors will always bring challenges, disagreements and potential conflicts between us, but if as neighbors we follow the wise and tested guidelines of our civilized society and spiritual traditions and teachings, finding peaceful ways to resolve our conflicts will always the most ideal path. There can be no harmonious relations anywhere if there is no peace in the individuals that make up the neighborhood, the community, the nation, and humanity as a whole. While Contador Harrison cannot expect everyone to become peaceful, if most of us reason like scholars we can tip the balance by encouraging our neighbors to embrace peaceful attitudes and peaceful living. The need to promote and maintain a peaceful environment is continuing process and the work of the peacemaking will never end. Few months ago I chose to serve in the wrangle between my feuding neighbors, seeing that inter-neighborhood conflicts are recurrent, and can be very sensitive.

I worked very hard through meeting them and engaged them in reasoning that has promoted enduring friendship and cooperation, preventing hatred and enmity motivated violence. In addition to that, the two have created a culture of love, forgiveness, peace and healing for the neighbors and entire neighborhood. I would like to extend an open invitation to peace-loving neighbors of all races to join such initiatives like I did in my inter-neighbor peace-work especially during the festive season that starts this weekend where men will fight over women and women will battle hard to hook the deep pocketed men both potential areas for conflicts. I have travelled to many countries and visited many glorious neighborhoods and of course made friends and enemies across the globe but for me I never pick up fights. My dignity and class of thinking does not allow me to reason like the belligerents and I believe in promoting peace and harmony among my friends, neighbors and that is why I always ensure that anyone living next to me is free to talk to me before I go to bed because that time may ensure that a small misunderstanding does not degenerate into a bloodshed that could end up being fatal ending. This is indeed an unusual and a remarkable way of creating conducive environment for agreement of opinions to flourish and awareness for peace and love among neighbors to prevail. That is the only way Contador Harrison has been able to show the humility required to serve humanity.

Contador Harrison