Nabe’s gutbucket vivers appetite is adamantine

Posted on February 7, 2018 12:01 am

My elementary teacher used to tell us that overeating was an indication of being lazy and impulsive, the end result of it is being unlikeable. While some individuals are genetically predisposed to being large size individuals, obesity has become an epidemic. Most foods people eat are high in fats and refined sugars are readily available as a tasty, quick and easy alternative to healthy home cooking.A neighbor is facing serious challenge of overeating and he told your blogger that he felt overeating had become his norm and occasional treats had become every day food.Sadly, he believed his diet was healthy or very healthy and yet doesn’t even take any vegetables ever, a sign of unhealthy eating habits.He skips the breakfast and chooses to eat takeaway every day, regularly snack on biscuits and chocolate.Overeating has been known as a chronic risk factor to health increasing the likelihood of a person developing a physical illness or an eating disorder. Fact is, the person who eats too much too often can put on excess weight rather fast, no wonder my neighbor has over 120kgs. Excess body fat and lack of physical exercise are major contributors to type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal conditions, and some cancers but despite me sharing such, he doesn’t seems to care. Being overweight has also hindered recovery from chronic illnesses.There is clearly a disconnect between what my neighbor perceives as a healthy diet and what’s actually happening.What he typically see as his main foods are chips and chocolates, snacks and muesli bars which have become very much part of the staple, daily, routine diet for him.

His attitude towards eating is a worrying sign and is a particular concern because he know that these types of foods are directly related to weight gain and obesity which he is struggling with and is not concerned about that.He actually doesn’t believe his diet is unhealthy and is choosing to have food in his diet that would typically be regarded as being unhealthy.When I asked him whether his overeating habits are an issue, he responded by saying not even a little concern about his weight, has no plans for weight loss. He said exercising isn’t something he can even think about, for him, overeating is causing the weight gain. As we know, there is a correlation between weight gain and obesity, and a range of chronic diseases as I mentioned earlier. Thanks to his appetite for food, he is currently suffering psychologically with anxiety, depression, low self esteem, distress, negative body image, self hatred, hormonal imbalance and even confessed to having self harm attempts after suffering multiple embarrassments through public isolation especially in areas like supermarkets, restaurants where he is a head turner. I tried to explain to him that there are physical risks with his weight like fatigue, disapproval of others, diverticulitis bowel diseases, heart disease, poor blood circulation and fatty Liver but the bloke never looked worried.Like other disorders, treatment for his overeating disorder needs to address both his physical and psychological health. As I encouraged him, early treatment is the best way to help him towards a full recovery. The journey will be difficult, but he can get there with the right help and commitment, an element in him that is missing.

Contador Harrison