My neighbor’s love for cannabis is exceptional

Posted on November 11, 2017 12:03 am

I live in a quiet and lovely family sort of neighborhood but have recently had new neighbor move in some three gates away from your blogger’s crib following the immediate occupant relocation to Iceland. The calm bloke who hails from Auckland in New Zealand and I met in a telco shop where he heard the customer care make a joke about me teaching her how to speak Maori. The tall dude couldn’t hold his itching to find out who’s this person who can speak in Maori, his native language incidentally. He smokes weed and when he opened his mouth to speak I could smell it yet it was at night. Am not one of those people who cares about other people’s stuff but he ended up asking me as we spoke in Maori whether I know where he can get ‘Mary Jane’, a slang for weed. Sadly, your blogger had no clue as he’s never been in the game of smoking and drinking, the twin sisters as some would say. Aucklander told me he loves cannabis and does not seem to care that its current stronger tetrahydrocannabinol chemical component produced through plant variety selection and hydroponic cultivation that comes with much greater risk of psychosis with all the long term and devastating impact on mental illness that can bring. As a regular user of cannabis he is largely ignorant of the risks and dangers. He said that as a former gang member and freelance grower and dealer who cultivated and distributed cannabis in Auckland he does not seem to care that cannabis usage, particularly that danger of mental illness. I can describe him as a man who is being seduced down a path to the destruction of his mental health.He explained that higher tetrahydrocannabinol content comes from cultivating hybrid varieties and processing cannabis flowers, buds and heads known to have a higher tetrahydrocannabinol concentration. As a farmer he deployed hydroponic cultivation through control of lighting, humidity and temperature and was able to produce up to five crops a year.

According to him, tetrahydrocannabinol interacts with receptors in the brain and produce the ‘stoned’ or ‘high’ effects of heightened awareness loved by users. In fact, he said many users dilute their spliffs or joints with tobacco. However, the psychoactive strength of tetrahydrocannabinol can also trigger or exacerbate, through repeated use, hallucinations, anxiety, panic attacks and paranoid delusions leading to, if properly assessed, a diagnosis of schizophrenia but that doesn’t bother him an inch. For those like him who do not suffer psychosis from the effects, the long term detriments are addiction and dependence, social isolation and unemployability, and profound memory loss. Studies shows that two in ten cannabis users become dependent and thats where my new neighbor belongs.He revealed how in spite of regular police drug squad raids and seizures of cannabis from hydroponic cultivation factories and satellite detection of field-grown product, the law enforcement effort had no discernible impact on the price or availability of cannabis on the streets of Auckland. It was everywhere back then and even now where it easily reaches the affluent and the unemployed. There is a user and dealer sub-culture where dealers provide credit to impecunious users waiting for their next dole or pay cheque. Am not social and apart from the old couple on his right and for all those years I’ve lived here I haven’t had anything more to do with my neighbours than the standard hello when I come across any of them but the Aucklander is something else, he can barely go for a couple of days without wanting to know how his ‘fellow Maori’ is doing.He love pot and overtime I bump into him I can hear the lung and throat destroying coughing that need treatment but its none of my business. None of his health condition is my problem, I don’t care what cannabis substances he use in his own house, and the coughing makes me laugh as it sounds like one of ACDC song. The problem is that pot smell travels through my nose when we are talking, his teeth are light yellow in color, with a brown coating…I cannot stand the smell, and don’t want to get inadvertently stuffed, solution is that I’ve avoided him the Australian summer bushfires.

Contador Harrison