My Chemical Romance announce split

Posted on March 25, 2013 08:23 pm

What a bloody weekend! Before Sebastian Vettel spoilt my weekend moods, I was left crestfallen by the sad news that My Chemical Romance has split. I was wondering why the band could not even consider even playing one more tour as an official goodbye to ardent fans. The rockers announced on Saturday their break up and their front man Gerard Way has since posted a lengthy statement explaining their split. The US alternative rock band My Chemical Romance comes after 12 years together. The band’s breakup, after a dozen years and four studio albums has left many of us devastated. I was stunned by the news of band breakup the same way Oasis split news in Paris few years ago shattered and left me in somber mood. In an attempt to explain the band’s sudden demise, members took to social media to share their thoughts but none convinced me that the break up was justified. It was way back in 2006 when I went to a music shop along Collins street in Melbourne and came across the band top single Welcome To The Black Parade, that I was fully introduced to My Chemical Romance music.

Being part of this band music fan for the past 7 years has been a true entertainment and will forever miss their voices. I count myself as a hardcore fan of alternative rock music and my unwavering support for My Chemical Romance support was an adventure that I will never regret. The band was founded in New Jersey in 2001 but I first heard their music in 2002.The original members comprising Gerard Way, Ray Toro, Mikey Way and Frank Iero recorded four studio albums, most notably the platinum-selling “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge” in 2004 and “The Black Parade” in 2006. My favorite hits are the 2006 hit song “Welcome to the Black Parade” and “Sing” released in 2010. I have always said there has been great music this century and My Chemical Romance is a testament. If you didn’t like My Chemical Romance, that’s fine, I have no problem with that all but I liked them. It is such a shame. A great rock band and generally under rated. Although all bands have a shelf date, I thought they had at least one decade and several great albums left in them. A perfectly decent band with aesthetic and completely undeserved bad public image and they wrote some great songs that will forever be in my mind like Helena and House Of Wolves.


Contador Harrison