My African summer: It’s all about packing smart

Posted on April 24, 2014 11:57 pm

African countries are now one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world.  With Tanzania’s surreal white sand beaches, it’s no surprise why the number of tourists in the continent continue to increase. Amongst these tourists, we have been seeing Africans rediscovering the beauty of the ‘the greatest continent’ one travel at a time.  And it’s not just the way they see the African continent that has changed, but more importantly, it’s how tourists travel. In this 21st century, forget about traveling light. With the plethora of gadgets and I need to make this summer one to remember, will need a bag that can keep up with the demands of a techie trekker. With the huge number of tourists and locals vacationing this summer, I am prepared to face added challenges on the road.

I won’t let this dampen the unlimited fun this season has to offer. Outsmart petty criminals has eased with purchase of exceptional safety features like zippers anti-theft technology, which interlocks zip pullers and reduces the chances of common theft at the airport and hotels. Another common robbery activity to watch out for if you will be in the continent like is the bag slashing in places with high food traffic. Smart traveling has made me know that a smart luggage is a requisite of modern living.  It’s hard to lose myself in back-to-back summer adventures if am constantly obsessing over the durability of your suitcases. I have gone for bags that give me the much needed peace of mind knowing that my luggage is secured wherever my travels may take me.


Contador Harrison